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  • Essay On Water Advisory

    investigated as a possible contributor to the high C8 levels. DuPont is an “American corporation engaged primarily in biotechnology and the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.” (DuPont Company) It was founded in 1802 In Delaware by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont. DuPont dumps tons of waste every year into the Ohio River and has been in multiple lawsuits because their chemicals are harmful to the water quality of the Ohio River. An excerpt from the water department tells about why they filed a lawsuit against Dupont in 2009. Nothing was done to clean up the groundwater (aquifer), and nothing has been done to stop the spread of the contamination from the aquifer. So after fifteen months of failed settlement talks, the Little Hocking Water Association (LHWA) was forced to file a lawsuit to resolve the following issues: The increase of C8 in the LHWA groundwater(aquifer), the C8 contamination of the plants in the wellfield, and the inadequacy of Dupont”s C8 assessment, (2009 Water Quality Report). I found it to be extremely disappointing that my water department had been trying to reduce the levels of chemicals in the water for fifteen months, and that they had to result in a lawsuit. The lawsuit had only been filed after the fact that the water department attempted to have the chemicals removed or reduced from the water, but sadly no progress had been made towards the issue. I began to think “Is DuPont really lazy and inconsiderate to not clean up the mess…

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  • Why Is Gunpowder Important To The Modernized World

    Throughout the books An Edible History of Humanity, and Gunpowder it is expressed that agriculture and gunpowder have played a major role in the continual development of the world we know today. Agriculture opened the doors to a greater knowledge of the scientific world, and because of this scientific growth, gunpowder technology advanced. These advances led to the discovery and creation of lucrative and nourishing crops, along with ammo that increased the power and productivity of war. The Du…

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  • Kohl's Dupont Analysis

    Kohl’s Corporation has a market cap of $ 12,150,841,350 billion, and it is one of the successful store chains in the United States. It offers a variety and exclusive merchandise to customers in an exciting and friendly environment ( Also, Kohl’s keeps low retail prices through a low-cost, limited staffing, structure and continuing management information systems, as well as advertising. I use the DuPont analysis for Kohl’s Corporation in order to determine where the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dupont

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY this report contains on how DuPont analyses theory is used to compare companies working in the same field of expertise. Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of this theory for the financial managers. Case study on has also been useful. OBJECTIVES This report has information on dupont analyses the company and how its theory is world wide popular. • About DuPont company and its theory • Advantages and disadvantages of DuPont • Case…

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  • Delisle's Dupont Film Analysis

    In the video, it is obvious that the filmmaker use/present evidence through the inclusion of multiple interviews with people that worked in and around DeLisle’s DuPont location. The filmmaker also included the fact that around two-thousand people had filed lawsuits based on health concerns. The use of interviews helped to convey a more realistic feeling of what was going on from the perspective of the people of DeLisle, Mississippi. It also helped to convey the severity of the situation; not…

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  • Dupont Spruance Case Study

    DuPont Spruance is located in Richmond, Virginia. Spruance is DuPont’s largest manufacturing site worldwide. It is a key site in the manufacturing of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals. There are 5 businesses located at this facility, Kevlar®, Mylar®, Nomex®, Tyvek® and Zytel®. The role of a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Specialist is to provide analytical and implementation support in safety, contractor safety, occupational health, process safety, fire protection,…

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  • Case Study: General Operator Position At Dupont

    OBJECTIVE: To obtain a General Operator position at DuPont. QUALIFICATIONS: ♣ Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook). ♣ Knowledgeable in a variety of computer programs and the ability to master new systems. ♣ Proven ability to work a flexible shift schedule, including ability to work overtime, holidays, weekends, and on short notice call. ♣ Working experience of wearing personal protective equipment. ♣ Ability to lift 10 lbs. frequently,…

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  • Pacific Healthcare Case Study: Pacific Health Care

    three issues with this possible solution. One, I do not know how much of a discount they are getting for the X ray equipment, along with the maintenance and services they are receiving from Kodak. With that I also need to know how much the competitors are willing to give Pacific Healthcare for those additional services that Kodak is offering to them. Last, but not least there are other competitors that are at a lower price range with the same quality as Kodak. DuPont offers their X ray film for…

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  • Toxic Soup Summary

    The film Toxic Soup by Rory Owen Delaney speaks to how everyday Americans fight to keep their blood, water and air safe from pollution. This video shows how corporations such as DuPont, Bayer, Ashland oil and Global contributed to polluting their local environments. The first company that the video talks about is DuPont, which is a chemical plant located in West Virginia. DuPont was found to be contaminating water near their plant with C8. The C8 found in the water was known to cause…

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  • Berges Lecture Analysis

    leadership. John went to college to become a lawyer and after graduating from law school, began his career as a lawyer. After 10 years however, John had an intervention in which he ultimately decided that his current career path was not what he wanted to do anymore. One week later, he had accepted a position at DuPont Pharmaceutical company and began to work for them, saying that sometimes you must move laterally to advance yourself in your career. During his time at DuPont, the company was in…

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