Dupont Spruance Case Study

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DuPont Spruance is located in Richmond, Virginia. Spruance is DuPont’s largest manufacturing site worldwide. It is a key site in the manufacturing of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals. There are 5 businesses located at this facility, Kevlar®, Mylar®, Nomex®, Tyvek® and Zytel®. The role of a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Specialist is to provide analytical and implementation support in safety, contractor safety, occupational health, process safety, fire protection, environmental, distribution and ergonomics. Also to evaluate and determine if work can continue under current safety conditions. The SHE Group works to minimize occupational disease and injury to the population of DuPont Spruance.
This summer I had the opportunity
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Three options were investigated as a possible platform. The first was Share Point which is currently used by DuPont. The main issue with Share Point is that someone with IT experience would have to develop and format the form. Another option is the current application DuPont uses for chemical inventory. The chemical inventory software has chemical review capabilities but since it is a corporate purchase it would be extremely difficult to get approval to expand the software. The final possibility is a company called Actio. The issues with Actio is that it is expensive. Currently these options are being consider and once a decision is made everything is in place for the process to be …show more content…
Over the ten week period approximately 400 sound level sample points, 60 noise dosimetry samples and 20 air samples were collected. I developed and implemented a pump cycling/battery maintenance program. It was also necessary to coordinate equipment calibration and repair. I assisted with GHS safety data sheet (SDS) generation and Label Vendor Identification. I also developed and implemented the SDS Back-up Process. I served as the sites backup Fit Tester. During the majority of the ten week period there was not an Occupational Health Technical Assistant (TA) so I acted as the interim TA. Once a TA was assigned I provided Instruction oversight for data collection and record

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