Importance Of Risk Assessment

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Register to read the introduction… Risk assessments must be carried out to eliminate or reduce risks with any findings recorded. Any arrangements made must be monitored and reviewed by appointed person's with the training, knowledge and skills to carry out these arrangements. It is the appointed person's (Health and Safety Co-ordinator) responsibility to ensure that everyone within the setting is made aware of, read and signed the changed or new policies and procedures. People within the work setting must be made aware of where of the Health and Safety Policy is kept, up to date training must be provided and copies of risk assessments must be given when necessary, for example when going on school trips, all adults on the trip must read the risk assessment specifies such as the minibus for travelling in, wearing visors, appointed first aiders, trip and group leaders and toilet trips. This ensures the staff are aware of risks and hazards, how to deal with them efficiently and who to report …show more content…
The children had tied the skipping ropes to the climbing apparatus and were using them to swing on and climb. In my opinion this was an excessive risk because the children were at risk of getting the rope caught around their necks or hurting another child who was using the apparatus appropriately. I immediately removed the skipping ropes and explained my reasons that it was too unsafe and encouraged the children to use them for skipping …show more content…
A form is sent home to parents/carers informing them of any accident.

For head injuries parents/carers are informed immediately by telephone and the child is given a sticker to wear stating 'I bumped my head' this allows all staff to be aware of the child's accident.

In the event of an emergency the first aider should be summoned to attend the accident/incident to provide first aid and if necessary call for emergency services. Parents/carers must be contacted as soon as possible.

In the event of illness parents/carers are contacted immediately to collect their child. Any medicines that need to be given to a child needs a parent/carer to fill out a form stating the medicine and dosage as well as signed to give permission. Only designated persons should give

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