Essay On Water Advisory

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“23 million pounds of chemicals were dumped into the Ohio river by industries and businesses in 2013”, reported by Jennifer Schack (WLWT News 5 TODAY Weekend Meteorologist). The Ohio River is the main source of water to millions; it borders six states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Since it borders so many states, if a section of the river gets contaminated, the bordering states face the possibility of a water advisory. This was true when my hometown of Little Hocking, Ohio, was tested and high levels of C8 (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) were found.
The water advisory was publically announced December 10th, 2009. I was coming home from school when my mom told my siblings and me. I asked what C8 was, and she said that all she knew was that it was a chemical, and we were told not to drink our tap water until the water department removed the water advisory. I was worried about how long the advisory would last, and how long the C8 level had been so high. My biggest concern was that out of my whole family, I was the one who drank the most tap water. I always try and drink water rather than pop, because it is healthier, and we did not have water bottles in the fridge often; so I
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My fear of needles was extreme as a kid, I was deathly afraid of them. I would kick and scream, cry, and yell just to avoid getting a shot. I would get upset and overdramatize how bad needles were, and how the nurses always said that the shot would feel like a pinch; but really to me, they hurt more than a pinch. As I grew up, it evolved into me complaining and whining to my mom about why shots were even invented and if I really needed to get the shot. In the past few years, I had to have a lot of blood work and various tests were done, I still do not like needles, shots, or getting my blood drawn, but it needles no longer freak me out when I see

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