Argumentative Essay On Water Pollution

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Water pollution is one of the worst problem society faces today. When vital freshwater is polluted, we endanger humanity’s own existence. Water pollution is an issue that poses an economic and social problem in society’s daily life. Furthermore, the contamination of pristine waterways can be linked to some emergence of new diseases. Yet, most people are oblivious to the problem. Millions of gallons of water are used daily for domestic uses, irrigating crops, and industrial processes, not to mention miscellaneous activities such as swimming pools and water-sports centers. Despite the dependence on water, society uses pristine waterways as a dumping ground for all sorts of waste, and do very little to protect such a vital resource. Several factors contribute to why water pollution is becoming such a large issue in the world.
The biggest contributors to water pollution come from the
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Oil spills, such as the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill, can dump millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean causing long term damage. The oil spreads out over the surface of the water, creating a deadly coating. The coating of oil kills off the aquatic life and pollutes the beaches when washed on shore. Seagulls, pelicans and other aquatic birds that spend a lot of time in water are affected the most. When oil sticks to the bird’s feathers, the oil causes the feathers to separate making it less water proof and exposing the bird’s sensitive skin to the environment. Immediate action must be taken to clean the oil from of the water to minimize the effects. The most common procedure is to contain the oil with plastic booms and then using skimming equipment to take oil off the top of the water. However, this strategy does very little to remove the oil from the ocean. Unfortunately, the fastest way to clean the oil spill is leaving it to break down and evaporate from the sun’s

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