Water Pollution In China

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Quality of drinking water is the most concerned topic in China. In 2007, official estimates of the extent of water pollution in China were doubled. Clean water is key of human to survive, and also plants and animals need water to grow; therefore water quality has to be kept clean. Water pollution was caused by many human activities and it also has a great effect on the population that need an urgent attention.
Over million people in China lack access to safe drinking water (Patricia). With a huge amount of Chinese population, preventing the death of people cause by lack access to safe drinking water is impossible if the government doesn’t give full attention on this issue. The population in the countryside of China decreases constantly because
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Many people don’t know whether there are the toxin in the animal they eat or not because most of the people buy the meat from other place. Therefore; many of them died. Many of them also died due to the waterborne disease; waterborne disease is the disease cause by coming into contact with the infected water source. Infectious disease such as typhoid and cholera can be contracted from drinking contaminated water; this is called microbial water pollution (Azeem). The organs that most affected from this microbial water pollution are the heart and the kidneys. The other health problem from this pollution are poor blood circulation or even the damage to the nerve system. One more important effect of the water pollution is the continually breeding of the algae. It can grow three times of its size within 2-3 days (Patricia). These algae can cause the liver cancer and many more of the health problems. Thus, increasing of an algae is not a good …show more content…
We are not wasting time at all if we think about the result that we going to get after we can control this water pollution. People in our community are going to get healthier than before and there is no more lack access to safe drinking water. It is not hard at all to do the process; we only need to know the basic of how to use this

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