A Murky Situation : The Flint Water Crisis Essay

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A Murky Situation: The Flint Water Crisis
Most Americans would readily agree that all people deserve the right to clean water, but the when they realize the large monetary commitment this requires, the water becomes murky, both literally and figuratively. This phenomenon is pronounced in Flint, Michigan. The downturns of the auto industry in the 1980s wrecked havoc in this prominently black city to the extent that today about 40% of its citizens live under the poverty line. In 2014, Flint sought a new way to reduce its spending: switching their source of water. Before this, Flint got its water from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD), but the price to acquire their water from Detroit continued to rise. Eventually, they were one of many cities who decided to collaborate on the construction of a new pipeline that would bring their citizens fresh water from Lake Huron; this was projected to save the city $200 million over 25 years. The construction of this new pipeline would not be quick though, so Flint chose to switch their water source to the Flint River in the intermediate period. This decision would end up being disastrous for the citizens of Flint, leaving them with water filled with lead containments and harmful bacteria and lots of questions about how this could happen.
Corrosion occurs when metals react with oxidants, such as dissolved oxygen or chlorine disinfectants, to form metal oxides. Because the Flint River has naturally high levels of corrosive…

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