Duty to warn

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  • Confidentiality In Group Therapy

    find the balance between the duty to maintain confidentiality, and the loyalty to the legal system; only under…

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  • Summary: The Tarasoff Case

    counseling where he met Dr. Lawrence Moore, his therapist. Later, Poddar confessed his desire to take revenge and kill Tarasoff. He kept this idea throughout the several sessions they had together and Dr. Lawrence Moore admitted that if he stayed consistent with the death threats, he would have no other choice than hospitalizing him. After that, Poddar stopped coming to the session, and even if he had promised to the campus security that he would stop stalking Tarasoff, he stabbed her at her…

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  • Pulli And Millum Reaction Paper

    Rulli and Millum (2014) makes a point to include the sports car example demonstrating people’s way of thinking. The majority believe the agent has a moral duty to sacrifice his sports car to save the child. Even though, the agent endures a greater personal cost that is outweighed by his moral duty to the child. With this in mind, the agent may not believe the damage to the sports car is worth the risk to save the child, as a consequence, he may not feel morally obligated to do so. Thenceforth,…

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  • The Importance Of Risk Management Strategies In Sports

    Every year, over 1.35 million children sustain a serious injury while participating in a sports related activity (Healy, 2013). Each of these injuries represents potential negligence litigation against athletic leaders including coaches. As a result, organizations have developed legal duties derived from lawsuits against coaches and schools where negligence contributed to an athlete’s injuries. These fourteen legal duties represent the standards or obligations expected of athletic leaders.…

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  • Thomas Tam Case Study

    From a utilitarian perspective, a whistle-blower should only blow the whistle if the benefits outweigh the cost. On the other hand, if a deontological theory were to be applied, the consequences would be considered irrelevant, and the whistle-blower would have a duty based on their whether they felt it was their moral duty to reveal the information. A utilitarian may argue that the cost of Tamm blowing the whistle may have outweighed the benefits, since Tamm suffered many consequences as a…

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  • Administrative Team Case Study

    Problem Analysis - Administrative Team As an executive assistant (EA) for a very large, global technology company, one of the most significant issues the group faces is an inconsistency in job duty execution. EAs have standard job duties as well as job duties that are unique to the department in which they are assigned. As EAs, we all share the same job title, yet we are individual contributors rather than part of a team or function. Because EAs are ranked and rated against one another, those…

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  • Jeremy Bentham Court Case

    that by assuming the role of Captain, Dudley had a responsibility to crew and his crew had a responsibility to any civilians aboard meaning that the Captain has duty to preserve the lives of his crew over the preservation of his own life. Therefore, Dudley violated the moral duties of a Captain by taking the life he was charged to care for. The argument in defense of the verdict is one based on Jeremy Bentham’s principal of utility, meaning that the Royal Court could not excuse the acts of…

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  • Ethical Issues In Ebola

    combined with an institutional role. The role of an individual suggest the function related to the role as well as the normative force flows from the role (Hardimon, 1994). Health care workers fulfil the health providers role. In other words, the role of health care workers means an individual has the function of providing health care, and moral obligation suggests that they take the risk of being infected or even end with death. Moral obligations are based on a society’s comprehension of what…

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  • Language Exposed In Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

    repeated that with time comes grace. This maxim does well to describe the reflections found in “Those Winter Sundays” by the author, Robert Hayden. In a recollection, assumedly decades later, Hayden speaks of his father’s morning activity on a winter Sunday. In a wistful, ashamed tone, he recalls his father waking up before dawn, and chopping wood to warm the house. He makes sure the rooms are warmed, and polishes his son’s shoes for him. Concerning these labors of love, the son shows…

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  • Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Poem Analysis

    In Robert Frost's poem "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening" the speaker in the poem is traveling through snow on the "Darkest Evening of the year"(Stopping Lns. ). The speaker makes it evident that he must make it back to society, because he has obligations that he must fulfill. While sitting on his horse and watching the snow fall the speaker falls into a never ending sleep. Frost writes "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,/ But I have promises to keep/ And miles to go before I sleep/ And…

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