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  • Globalization Of The Automobile Industry Essay

    A study made by DuPont and the Society of the Automotive Industry (SAE) shows that for the first time in 14 years, environmental concerns outpaced cost reduction to top the list of challenges that the automotive industry is pressed to challenge. Over 50% of survey participants…

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  • Ford Motor Company Ratio Analysis

    The Current Ratio(A4) for Ford Motor Company is 1.19 as opposed to the 2016 average of 1.20. This ratio shows the liquidity of the company. Whether or not it has the ability to pay long-term and short-term obligations made. The industry average was 1.3, which is higher than what was calculated. All this means that the industry has more current assets than Ford does. Quick ratio(A5) for the company is 0.71 in 2017 and 0.69 in 2016. The company does not have enough liquid current assets to pay its…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Chemical Engineering

    Chemical Engineering From all of the engineering fields, I decided to pursue a chemical engineering degree because of its ample area of study. Chemical engineers not only work evaluating and optimizing chemical processes, but also they must analyze production costs and develop reports according to the data they obtain (“Occupation”). As soon as I finished high school, I was interested in studying Chemistry; I wanted to research and experiment. Then, it was when I learned about the engineering…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Should Marijuana be Legalized In today’s politically charged environment, the legalization of marijuana remains a hotly debated subject. With forces on both sides of the issue arguing vehemently for their position, it is difficult to come to a reasonable solution. Considering the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, those in favor of the proposition point to the rise in sales and resulting 6 million-dollar increase in tax revenue as positive outcomes for the community (Haun, 2015).…

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  • Domestic Violence Against Women Analysis

    Margaret Umeed’s article is discussing that both men and women are domestically abused. She includes many statistics including that men have a two in five chance (40%) of being abused by a domestic partner. This statistic is not just based off of married couples. This goes for all different relationships, including heterosexual relationships, and same sex relationships, and both either married or unmarried. Men have a tendency to not tell people or report their abuse due to the sexist stigma…

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  • Diversity Makes Good Business Case Study

    As alluded earlier on that employing a more diverse workforce could enhance an organization’s service or products to a wider range of clients or customers. For example, Deloitte and Touche, a decade ago had to introduce a positive organizational culture after an alarm bell sounded on the high rate of men and women turnover in the firm, Susan E. Jackson, et al (2003). It was observed that with the new culture, members of the majority and minority subcultures felt respected and equally expressed…

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  • Crime In Lynn Rossellini's The High Life Of Crime

    “Because it involves planning, risk, and skill, burglary has been a crime long associated with professional thieves who carefully learn their craft” (Siegel 385). This quote, found in Criminology by Larry Siegel, describes the level of commitment required for being a burglar. Burglary is part of a larger set of crime known as property crime, also called economic crimes. These crimes can be defined as, “criminal activity motivated by financial gain” (Siegel 370). Besides burglary, property crimes…

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  • Dr Jeffrey Wigand Essay

    Dr. Jeffrey Wigand was born in New York City in 1942 and now resides in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Currently Dr. Wigand travels the world lecturing and acting as an expert witness and doing consultant work on tobacco issues. However, his heart lies with his non-profit organization Smoke-Free Kids, Inc. He feels it is his obligation to concentrate as much energy as possible helping children of all ages to “make better decisions and healthy choices regarding tobacco use.” (Wigand) Dr. Wigand holds…

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  • STEM Workforce Shortage

    interest in STEM. Examining authors of the influential report entitled Rising Above the Gathering Storm will reveal that most of the authors are involved in STEM in the US--chairmen, presidents, and vice presidents of big companies like Intel and DuPont. It is clear…

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  • Family Enterprise Case Study

    named one of the nation's 12 most outstanding immigrants, and was listed as the Edison's greatest inventor after the sixty-ninth. Wang An had 2 billion dollars worth of Chinese in the United States ranked the richest man, and is one of the famous DuPont, Ford, Rockefeller, the nation's ten richest. Wang An computer company heyday in 1986, the number of employees more than 30 thousand, turnover amounted to $3 billion, and the computer giant IBM strength can meet as equals.Wang An political…

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