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  • Pursuing A Life Of Fulfillment

    does not seem so deplorable. If policymakers were to end stop and frisk, ending the law can give an upper hand to future criminals committing crimes such as robberies. When deemed as illegal, cops will not be able to physical evidence from the perpetrator, not giving any substance to a crime the perpetrator committed. Basically, if more criminals get away with harboring illegal drugs or weapons, more crimes will occur and violence will likely increase; police will not be able to confiscate these entities and the perpetrators will have them at their will. However, if stop and frisk is still enacted, more tension and violence can occur between the police and residents of the city. From hearing about police brutality and shootings, stop and frisking can cause an escalation towards violence. According the article, “a weapon was found in less than 2% of searches.” () This statistic can be used in support of stopping stop and frisk because it does not seem that effective to confiscating illegal drugs or weapons. A race issue comes in when “ black and Latino men make up less than 5% of the city’s population, but more than 40% of those stopped” () It is clear that police patrol areas of lower socioeconomic status, where there is a big population of blacks and Latinos, which can lead to more stop and frisks of those races. Yet, due to the media and to the unexperienced individual, blacks and Latinos are seen as being targeted by cops, which is not impossible. Overall there are pros…

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  • Stop Question And Frisk Analysis

    a police officer pat down from “probable cause” to “reasonable suspicion”. Jones-Brown, D., Dr., Stoudt, B. G., Dr., Johnston, B., & Moran, K. (2013, June). Stop, Question, And Frisk Policing Practices In New York City: A primer. Center On Race, Crime And Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 1-46. Retrieved from This new standard still required “1) that the officer be able to articulate specific facts…

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  • Case Study Of The Terry Case

    Initially the Court was in agreement that the stop and subsequent arrest in the Terry case was appropriate on the basis of the “probable cause” standard. Barrett (1998) states, Chief Justice Warren had initially approached this decision on the basis that the stop in the Terry case was appropriate. It was Justice Brennan who eventually persuaded Chief Justice Warren to render a decision which put forth the new “reasonable suspicion” standard (Barrett, 1998, 793-821). If Chief Justice Warren…

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  • Mr. Balestrero Analysis

    When Mr. Balestrero is first introduced to the three detectives, Hitchcock uses camera lighting along with camera movement to enunciate the setting which is described as murky and dark. Brean describes this encounter as the following, “Three men came up to him out of the murky shadows of a winter evening. They said they were police officers and showed him badges clipped to wallets. Mr. Balestrero experiencing a little quiver of uneasiness, asked what they wanted.” Hitchcock cannot transfer these…

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  • Violation Of Law Enforcement Essay

    In the United States national, state, and local agencies have the job of implementing law enforcement policies and strategies everyday while accounting for the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and other laws. They have to make sure that the right of the people as well as their civil liberties are protected while making sure that they protect themselves at the same time. However, there are times when an officer has to forget about implement law enforcement policies when some one’s life is in…

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  • 4th Amendment Rights Case Study

    Issue: Whether Mr. Howard’s 4th Amendment rights were violated when he was stopped and frisked by officers whose only basis for such a stop was an anonymous phone tip? Facts: Our client, Happy Howard, was carrying a concealed weapon while out at a festival. Upon raising his elbow, another citizen noticed the concealed gun and made an anonymous phone tip to the police. The anonymous tipster gave Mr. Howard’s description as a white male, standing at a height of 5’10”, and that he was wearing…

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  • Officer Smith's Decision-Making

    To begin with, I don’t think Officer Smith had any judgements until she actually walked up to the car, but the female’s appearance did in fact influence her decision making. I say that because not even seeing a firearm in the car, Officer Smith frisked her down for a weapon. Let’s be honest, majority of law enforcement pass judgement on African Americans, especially if they have tattoos and piercings. According to Lawrence N. Blum (2015). “In today 's environment the consequences for error in…

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  • Aj Cronin Dont Be Sorry For Yourself Analysis

    “Don’t Be Sorry for Yourself,” a thought-provoking essay written by A. J. Cronin. It deals with the problems of anxiety and trepidation in our life. In this age of competition and rush, everybody seems either afflicted or knows someone who is afflicted. The highly competitive and material culture undermines our nerves. Anxiety and self-pity are due to the fear of failure and doubt in various professions, different relationships, achieving success and other materialistic things which may lead us…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Just Take Away Their Guns By James Wilson

    Surname 1 Author Tutor Course Date Frisking The essay “Just Take Away Their Guns” has been written by James Q. Wilson. The essay tends to highlight the political and social concerns that are associated with the carrying of a gun. The author claims that there is no need of civilians carrying a gun since it is the responsibility of law and order unit to keep security of citizens. He argues that, in case civilians are involved in the act of carrying guns, then it makes no difference amid…

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  • Just Take Away Their Guns By James Wilson Analysis

    “Guns often convert spontaneous outbursts of anger into fatal encounters” (Wilson 128). Wilson all but ignores the social injustices that a nationwide increase in police frisking would invite, thereby greatly diminishing the credibility of his…

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