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  • The Importance Of Construction Materials

    construction materials is endless. Knowing the particular attributes of these materials allows for the most efficient and productive application which will lead to many years of satisfaction. Civil engineers must have an in-depth knowledge of the main construction materials available in today’s market so that their client receives the best end product for the lowest capital investment. To gain experience in material selection through observation of past construction projects, our group performed a material survey on the Critical and Creative Studies building at the UBC Okanagan campus. This survey allowed us to learn about civil engineering materials in a real-world application. We looked into the intended…

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  • Anti-Bias In Education

    The article which I have had the opportunity to read referred to an incident of racial discrimination experienced by a group of approximately 60 students on a recent recruiting visit to the Texas A&M University insinuated by a selected few student from TAMU. A small group of approximately twelve white college students approached two African American students from Uplift Hampton Preparatory; a charter public school mainly of students of lower socioeconomic status, and minorities. The article…

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  • Campus Sexual Assault

    One and five college students experience sexual assault during their college career. Today, one of the most dangerous realities that young adults face is the risk of sexual assault (Colleges, 2016). Sexual assault on college campuses has always been a major issue. In the past, more often than not, sexual assault on college campuses were pushed under the rug, making it seem as if they did not occur. In today 's society the topic of sexual assault on college campuses is no longer being…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Campus Safety

    Campus safety has always been a major priority for most colleges across the country. This unfortunately wasn’t the case for some universities back then. On April 16, 2007, a Virginia tech Senior managed to kill a total of 32 people on campus. Campus safety soon than became an important issue for universities around the nation and the outcome of this incident is best described as a “trigger for the growing number of campus safety resources nationwide”, said by Jill Castellano. As every year…

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  • Sexual Violence Policy Analysis

    has become a norm throughout BC post-secondary institutions. Several The cycle of sexual violence is being facilitated by universities due to their lack of accountability and transparency. Many universities lack stand alone sexual violence policies and instead slot them into a general student code of conduct (Marshall, 2016). It is essential that all post-secondary institutions have a clear process to respond to and address incidents of sexual violence. Universities have more extensive policies…

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  • James Joyce Family

    Dublin (Kelly 607). After his death, James Joyce dedicated much of his time to writing poetry and giving lectures. Joyce went on to graduate from University College Dublin in 1902 and then moved to Paris to study medicine. Alex Paton took note on the matter by saying, “[t]he urge to get away from his indigent family and from ‘the soul of that hemiplegia or paralysis which many consider a city’ [is what] drove him abroad” (Paton 636). Joyce needed to get away from both the economy of Dublin and…

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  • John Wycliffe Research Paper

    My poster/report today will be on the topic of John Wycliffe the evening star of scholasticism and the morning star of the Reformation. Wycliffe was born in Ipreswell, Yorkshire, England. Wycliffe had a very formal and exceptional education and Wycliffe completed his arts degree at the College of Scholars of Merton in the University of Oxford. That same year he wrote a small treatise, The Last Age of the Church. In the recent events of the malignance of the plague that had subsided only seven…

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  • College Rejection Letter

    Thank you for considering The University of North Florida as your home for the next four years. The admissions team is very displeased to inform you that there will not be room here for you at our college. After reviewing your essay and application we were all very entertained but doubtful we would ever be able to meet you. My favorite part of your application had to be when you explained why you didn’t do very well in your Spanish three class, “I got a C- in Spanish because yo no hablo…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    this new study proves further that Duke’s study was flawed. The University College of London took 2,612 individuals to study; compared to a weak number of 38 individuals done by Duke (Ingraham). Also the new study took a total of seven years to complete. In the end, they concluded there was no relationship between cannabis use and lower IQ. To follow that fact Ingram informs the audience of another fact of how all common drugs were noted to see the effect. In the end, the statistic was…

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  • International Student Experience

    King 's College London (KCL) is very much focused on the importance of an international student experience. Please talk about internationalization from your own perspective and how having an international experience at KCL would contribute towards you becoming a ‘global citizen’. I was not sure what to expect when I accepted a summer internship at a small law firm in Boston. On the website, there were attorneys for just about every type of practice; you could finance a start-up and begin…

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