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  • Refinery Chemistry Essay

    1.2.1 Refinery Processes It is impertinent to overlook at the refinery chemistry before describing the refinery processes. The chemistry is part of the refinery’s conversion section, which gets affected when the upgrading is considered. The conversion section purpose is to enhance the liquid fuels. There are two types of techniques under the section: a. Hydrogen addition technologies: Processes using this technology react hydrogen with the oil heavy products to enhance the H/C such that the yield of the lighter products improved. It is a catalyst base process. It expected to yield more products, but it requires a large investment since it needs hydrogen. Also, it is a sensitive process since the feed’s impurities disturb the catalyst. Due…

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  • ISIS Sympathizers

    selling of artifacts, oil sales, and taxation. In the northern territory of Iraq, that is primarily held by ISIS, the organization controls approximately 40% of Iraq’s wheat-production. This estimates approximately $200 - $300 million USD worth of revenue for the group if the crop is planted and harvested correctly. Further, this provides the group with food, necessary to contribute to the lives of their members, as well as provide services to the followers in the territories they control.…

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  • Bangchac Case Study

    low-sulfur gasoline (Reformate Splitter Unit: RSU) released into the Hall burned continuously recycled as fuel in the production process, which started July 2015. (2) Utilizing Hydrocracking: Product Fractionatorsfors released by flare stack as fuel in the production process, which started June 2015. (3) Installing the flare stack mounted on the floor (Ground Flare Stack) will be available in 2020 to reduce pollution to the environment because the combustion efficiency is higher than the…

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  • Medical Case Study: Chevron Provider

    1. Summarize the relevant facts of the case. Mario Echazabal began working in oil refineries for a Chevron contractor (Irwin Industries, Inc.) in 1972. He worked through various maintenance contractor as a laborer, helper, and pipefitter in a “coker unit”, which is a plant that burns a type of coal to make gasoline. Mario wanted to work directly for Chevron therefore he applied for a similar job in the coker unit in 1992. Chevron offered Mario the job on the condition that he pass a medical…

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  • Contaminant Regeneration Essay

    distillation is mainly used for the distillation of light hydrocarbon compounds in used lubricants such as gasoline, diesels, solvents, and water in used lubricants. The water separated from used lubricant can be further treated and used for cooling the plant or discharged into surface water [CEPA, 1994].  Vacuum Distillation Vacuum distillation is commonly used for the distillation of hydrocarbon compounds that cannot be separated by atmospheric distillation. Those hydrocarbons usually have a…

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  • 6 Force Majeure Essay

    development and production of crude oil/natural gas and associated hydrocarbons from the relevant field. It distributes title over the crude oil/natural gas and associated hydrocarbons between the government and each of the consortium members. The various clauses are being described below under various sub heads. 6.1.1 Rights granted by PSC The major rights vests by the PSC with the selected consortium include:  The exclusive right to : a) Undertake, within the specified area, operations…

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  • Cornelius Vanderbilt: Plot Summary

    built his first oil refinery near Cleveland, and by 1882 he had a near monopoly of the oil businesses in the U.S. but his practices led to the passing of antitrust laws.…

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  • Shale Oil Pros And Cons

    This informative article by Lutz Kilian discusses shale oil and its effect on oil prices in the United States. Shale oil is a term used by the oil industry for oil that is obtained from low-permeability rock, and it has caused a resurgence of oil production in the United States. This type of oil production was not available until quite recently, because of several technological advances in the industry. Currently, shale oil production, mostly from western states, accounts for a sizeable amount…

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  • Cornelius Vanderbilt Analysis

    The Carnegie Steel Company dominated the American Steel Industry, with the steel came the expansion of the railroad: at the forefront was Cornelius Vanderbilt whose main goal eventually became to monopolize the railroad system. Soon after came the rise of John D. Rockefeller Jr., whose fortune was beginning to grow with the creation of an oil refinery. It was the agreement that Rockefeller would fill Vanderbilt's trains with oil that required him to monopolize the petroleum industry, but had he…

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  • John Davison Rockefeller: Well-Known American Entrepreneur

    first oil refinery was assembled in 1870 starting the later multi-million company brand “standard oil.” It was built near Cleveland because of the many oil hotspots. It wasn’t long until his business grew wealthier, by 1882 he had a near-monopoly of the oil business in the U.S., however some of the ways he ran his business led to the passing of antitrust laws. Rockefeller devoted himself to philanthropy late in his life. He died in 1937. In his early years, he was he lived with his…

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