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  • Tracey Birdsall Character Analysis

    unique outlook on the industry today. wp-1473743768315.png RH: Why did you decide to become an actress? TB: I feel more like I was born an actress. I started dancing and singing in the theater when I was a kid. But what really brought me great joy was entertaining other people. My first professional job was when I was fifteen. I did a Sunkist Soda commercial, and it ran for about a decade, I think. I was interested in robotics if…

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  • Florence Nora Allen: A Short Story

    Florence Nora Allen “it will literally change everything we've ever known for science ” Flo heard her brother speak to his best friend “ is he doing thing where he's not speaking in English again ?” Florence asked as she walked into her brother's office Barry and iris Turn their heads too see Little Allen standing there with a big smile on her face. “ hey Flo !” Barry and Iris greeted the young Allen. “ I thought you were supposed to be at STAR labs all day?” Barry asked “ I wanted…

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  • Lilac Montgomery Short Story

    march 29th I had left too the airport and went to new York walking out of the corner store with a Dr. Pepper in my hand I whistled to get a taxi “ where to miss?” he asked “ 45 East Evans St ” I replied he nodded and left to the place. “ and we are here that would be $40 ” he said I gave him a hundred “ keep the change thank you ” I replied and with that I walked up to to what looked like apartment complexes a guy who looked about the same age as me Smiled at me “ did you get a card ?” he…

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  • Personal Narrative-Fairytale Signs

    don’t you? Anyways, I was wondering if you boys would like my collection of old, skin magazines?” The boys just looked at each other in shock and awe. “Hell yeah, Mr. Atkins, we’ll take ‘em.” “Great, great, boys, they’re right over here.” Rick said to the boys sounding jubilant. “There are a lot of them so you might have to make two trips to get them all home.” “That’s no…

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  • Black Death: A Short Story

    Black death Could this be the end? Why must god put us through this?! Ever since the galley came back people have just been falling. My father came back with huge swollen buboes on his neck and legs. But his pain didn't last long, he died two days after he came back. There was no time to mourn over my father because my mother had gotten ill also. Every time she coughed blood came gushing out of her mouth and she had a very difficult time breathing and was very weak. There was no way she was…

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  • The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake By Henrik Ibsen

    Santiago says, “ When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there’s no need at all to understand what’s happening, because everything happens within you, and even men can turn themselves into the wind.”(152), By falling in love with Fatima and finding someone to be apart of his family, he feels like anything is possible and he is very happy because of the support and love Fatima gives him which shows when she says “...I want you to continue towards your goal… I want…

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  • The Role Of Women In My Antonia, By Willa Cather

    In Willa Cather’s novel entitled My Antonia, she writes about several female characters that, in essence, challenge the stereotypical women’s role in a male-dominated society during the early 1900s. In Trifles, a play written by Susan Glaspell, she depicts her female characters as crafty and bright and not simply inferior intellectually to their male counterparts. Upon closer examination of these two pieces of work, Cather and Glaspell demonstrate that these female characters defy the existing…

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  • Being In The Library Essay

    to his oh so magnificent country of England. Looking around, everything still had his presence. Walking into it, Mildred by my side, I walk to the bookshelves, staring, grazing my hands across the leather bounds, moving side to side. All of his beloved books about that country, “The Encyclopedia Britannica, British Flowers, Birds and Beasts various histories,…

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  • Characteristics Of An Ideal Knight In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    In my essay I will first sate the traits of an ideal knight and then discuss the characteristics of an ideal knight as represented in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight while comparing and contrasting them to the characteristics of ideal knights in traditional texts. Quoting examples from the text, I will then discuss, analyze and come to a conclusion if Sir Gawain has been represented as an ideal knight in the 14th century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. During the Middle Ages and in many…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned In My Family

    child, having rules to follow wasn’t unheard of with my family. There was always a way to behavior with friends/family, at school, at home and out in the street. Often I found myself getting into trouble because I didn 't listen and also the fact that I always found some kind of way to slipping out of having to doing something that I knew I was supposed to do. But out of all the people in my family my mom was the strictest. When expectations set high, not meaning them meant my siblings and I…

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