Analysis Of ' Get Down ' By Og Maco Essay

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Song Analysis of “Get Down” By OG Maco
OG Maco is an up and coming hip hop artist. His fame can be accredited to his hit single called “Bitch You guessed it”. Although the song is far outside of the normal realm of music OG Maco creates and produces. A rather interesting song called “Get Down” is the first song in his recently released EP called Breathe. The cover art for the EP is what appears to be a fire, inferably from a riot or protest. In the middle, a dark human figure on is knees holding up a sign reading “Black Lives Matter”.
The song “Get Down” touches on some very deep topics affecting our society the we currently live in. He sings the song in first person, bluntly spiting factual lyrics. He states he has many question of the current status of the United States of America. Burning questions about the reality of regression. He paints a picture of the current state of the black community as well. Depicting how they are always in a state of aggression, and feel like victims. He touches on the music industry and the way it exploits the black culture. Also how the music industry shapes the demeanor of most of the country’s youth and up and coming generations. He raps about the very essential and fundamental truth of our country, and how its affected by the interests of the elite. The song “Get Down” demonstrates the regression of the black community, due to ignorance of its own people.
(How dose the song “Get Down” demonstrate the regression of the black community,…

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