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  • Gilded Age Research Paper

    directly affected the expansion of the railroad that was being used to move the mining and logging products. While organizing his federal policies concerning land conservation, he placed a man of similar views in charge of the Forest Service. In 1905, Gifford Pinchot became the 1st Chief of Forest Service. Pinchot, much like Roosevelt, believed environmental conservation. He believed that natural resources were meant to be used to assist the growing American population, but he believed in moderation and consuming only as much as could be replenished. Under him, permits for sheep and cattle grazing were put into effect. He also allowed continued logging, as well as, the continuation of the mining of coal, iron, and other minerals. For the most part, Pinchot and Muir had similar interests in mind and, together, they were able to secure a great amount of land and protect it from over-utilization. Although they were able to agree on many things, the constant struggle between the interests of preservationists and the interests of conservationists could not always find a compromise. Hetch Hetchy Valley, in Yosemite, was the location of the largest controversial debate between John Muir, and the preservationists, and Gifford Pinchot, and the conservationists. As San Francisco began to grow, it was proposed that a dam should be built in Hetch Hetchy Valley to provide a steady water supply for the city. This proposal met harsh opposition by preservationists who wanted to…

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  • Effects Of The Gilded Age

    government was smart enough to realize the environmental problems created by the industrialization era. Although the effects can still be seen today, it is beneficial that the government started the forest service. They were responsible for preserving certain areas of the environment. Two men determined to help the environment were Gifford Pinchot and Theodore Roosevelt; “Natural resources must be developed and preserved for the benefit of the many, and not merely for the profit of the few”…

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  • Gifford Pinchot Importance Of Alternative Energy

    Have you ever wondered how a lightbulb turns on or how a car runs? These things are the result of an energy source being used. In today 's society, such things are taken for granted. We don 't live in a world where getting somewhere far is hard or being able to see at night is an issue. We live in a world where just about everything can be fixed by a flick of a switch, a turn of a key, or a push of a button. Resources are a things that should be prized, but they are not treated as such.…

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  • Kiamichi River Case Study

    This innovative form of drilling allows for the procurement of oil and natural gas reserves that were at one time unreachable. While the new means of extraction may be viewed by some as a momentous and perhaps revolutionary discovery that has the potential to revive the United States economy, it is incased in controversy with others regarding the new form of drilling as a risk that could theoretically “end life on Earth as we know it”. How might the Father of American Forestry, Gifford…

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  • Environmental Protectionism

    named John Muir, who wanted to keep nature safe and keep it untouched of human hands. John Muir’s philosophy of nature stated that nature is our natural home, our foundation of life from which we came from. John Muir also states that caring for nature is like caring for ourselves. An example would be religion; some people may use the wilderness to get rid of sin and to become more faithful in their religion. Although John Muir states a good point of protecting nature, the conservationist leader,…

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  • Aldo Leopold The Land Ethic Analysis

    He explains that although we tend to be optimistic, no one really focuses on the “real future,” instead we only think about a quick solution which encompasses no more than “a score of years.” (219) In his example of coal, Pinchot states that man has a “habit if declaring certain of our resources inexhaustible,” and so there are no limits as to the mining of these resources. He continues his essay describing that man has a very selfish nature in their actions of land hunger instead of…

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  • The Lorax By Dr. Seuss

    The Lorax From Environmental Science: A Global Concern Watch “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, then answer the following questions: What is the Lorax? What is his role in the book? The Lorax is the defender of the forests in the book. His role is to protect the forest and all those who live within it. 2. Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot had policies, called utilitarian conservation, that stated that forests should be saved “not because they are beautiful or because they shelter wild creatures of…

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  • Frederick Law Olmsted: Forest Management

    LEADERSHIP In 1888, Frederick Law Olmsted was hired by George Washington Vanderbilt to work on the grounds of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, which is now the Pisgah National Forest. During this time, Olmsted formulated the first program of forest management. In 1892, Olmsted hired a trained forester by the name of Gifford Pinchot to help him create a comprehensive forest management plan. Under the Olmsted’s guidance, Pinchot carried out the Biltmore Working Plan, which had three…

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  • American And Immigrant Blood Edward Ross Analysis

    ships into the area, not foreseeing the complications that would soon arise from, “Roosevelt’s infringement on Colombian sovereignty producing hard feeling with Latin America.” (American Passages, 468). His action was not in synchronisation with progressive ideals in my opinion. Gifford Pinchot- Chief Forester Gifford Pinchot was the principal aide for the tariff program for the former President Roosevelt. Pinchot’s and Roosevelt’s views were in harmony with each other. However, the same could…

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  • Group Decision Making Process

    beneficial in coming up with sound decision that may have a more positive impact than those of an individual (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014). Second, the group may come up with several alternative decisions that may be of high quality that will lead to high quality final decisions. In all circumstances, multiple person decision making is better than the decision made by one person. Democracy comes with the advantage of having different ideas that will most certainly lead to development of different…

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