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  • A Rose For Emily Theme Essay

    In the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, the southern post war setting helps emit the meaning in Faulkner’s theme. In this short story the main character, Emily Grierson, has a plethora of reasons for being anti-social. The judging ways of the small town of Jefferson, helps fuel the disassociation between Miss Emily and the town. Miss Emily’s kryptonite is time, but the post-civil era was a time of change for everyone. Isolation and pity is ultimately the major themes in Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily.” With the setting in “A Rose for Emily” being set back to the early 1900s during the post-civil war era, America during this period known as the reconstruction era. According to the Gilder Lehrman Institute, “The most…

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  • Personal Narrative: Richard Rodgers Theater

    What started off as a mere history assignment, became an attestation to the well-known phrase ‘anything is possible through strong belief’. My voice echoed throughout the streets of Manhattan, as my close friend and I sight-saw in the heart of the city. Wrapped with such vivid lights on each corner, we truly cherished our time scarfing down tall burgers and crispy fries at our favorite dining restaurant. While new memories were being made, we came across a site greatly familiar to us. Located…

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  • Cause Of The Revolution Analysis

    the Revolution. Huntington Beach, CA: Teacher Created Materials. This nonfiction book discussed the causes of the American Revolution. “Causes of the Revolution” is an easy book to read and has some amazing images. Students will be engaged in the text as they learn about everything the colonists faced. This book describes the Stamp Act, the Townshend Act, and Intolerable Acts. The author included some interesting facts that explore the reasons behind the following documents: The First…

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  • The Gilded Age By T. Jackson Lears And The Rise Of Industrial America

    Recently we were given two articles “The Gilded Age” by T. Jackson Lears and “The Rise of Industrial America, 1877-1900” by Richard White along with the video from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to read and watch. All of these resources allowed me to get a better understanding of the things going on during the Industrialization or “The Gilded Age”. For instance both articles collectively highlighted westward expansion, cultural and social shifts, the government's failure to…

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  • Declaration Of Independence Importance

    Farmer Daniel Shay, fought to close down courts to prevent placing fellow farmers from life in jail due to their tax debt. The forming of Shay’s Rebellion lead by Daniel Shay went into full effect protesting and preventing the debt collectors from their duties. Massachusetts Legislature put into effect the suppression of the rebellion. Any rebels against the state were to be charged with treason, causing many of them to flee the state. After a long fight most of shays rebellion were pardoned…

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  • Railroad Expansion Essay

    States was crucial to the development of our country. Some points to prove my thesis are after the civil war, our country experienced tremendous economic growth. Also, Railroad expansion provided new jobs opportunities and ultimately it provided a quicker way for people to get around. After the Civil War, our country increased in population. Much of this increase was due to immigrants coming to America from other parts of the world. “Part of the urban population growth was fueled by an…

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  • Title IX And Its Effects On Women's Rights

    Identification and Evaluation of Sources: For the historical investigation, I wanted to do something that was relevant to my life but also something that is considered history now. My life includes high school sports and looking at that and history, Title IX was brought back to my attention. In the year 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act, was passed. The basics behind Title IX were that if an activity was funded by Federal means, then no person, on the basis of sex, could be…

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  • Spanish Conquest Of Spain Research Paper

    Spain began declining as a world power and England started to replace them. The fact that storms helped to destroy more Spanish ships was also a push for Protestant Reformation in Europe. It was seen as an act of God. Later without Spain dominating the ocean it caused England to start colonization missions to the New World. If Spain had beaten the English they most likely would have continued to colonize North America. This battle could have caused history of Earth to be dramatically different.…

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  • Justinian Code Essay

    and named it San Salvador. He gave the land to the king and queen of Spain. If Christopher Columbus was never born. He couldn’t of inspired new people that are important to history. Columbus brought the achievements and innovations of scientists such as Aristotle, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei. If Christopher Columbus never found America The Native Americans will not have to work as slaves. Christopher Columbus started the slave trade that dominated the south. But if Christopher…

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  • Election Of 1800 Essay

    The Election of 1800 Year 1800 witnessed a historically election that was fought between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams for the President of the United States. The results of the election would act as one of the most important pages in the book of history that would shape the country’s future for generations to come. The election took a big turn when John Adams came in third, and there was a tie between the two Republican candidates, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. The audio of Thomas…

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