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  • How Did Ginevra King Influence The Great Gatsby

    The second woman who influenced Fitzgerald was Ginevra King .Fitzgerald attended in prestigious Princeton University, but could not quite fit in because nearly all of the students were more affluent and came from more prosperous families than his own. In 1914, through a trip home to St. Paul, he met Ginevra King, at a dance. She was the core of whole thing Scott wanted and could not have. He pursued the relationship for over a year, but gave it up in 1916 after her father supposedly told Fitzgerald that "poor boys shouldn’t think of marrying rich girls.” (Mangum, 1981, p.956) In 1918, Ginevra King married a man of her own social class and sent Fitzgerald a wedding announcement, which he saved. This first romance is reflected in most of his stories such as his first novel, The Romantic Egoist, which was named This Side of Paradise afterward. Ginevra King served as inspiration for the characters…

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  • Scott Fitzgerald Use Autobiographical Elements Of The Great Gatsby's Life

    One source states that "Daisy Buchanan......was in many ways inspired by a young woman named Ginevra King"(Hensley 9). Fitzgerald uses the personal background of Ginevra King to influence his character Daisy Buchannan. LeVot says “Ginevra was adorned with every feminine grace. She became a symbol-one that daisy would embody for Gatsby -of the refined and luxurious elegance of blossoms that can bloom only if they are rooted in wealth (48). In The Great Gatsby, Daisy is a symbol of elegance and…

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  • Theme Of Double Vision In The Great Gatsby

    F. Scott Fitzgerald uses double vision throughout the book, The Great Gatsby. An example of this is shown when Nick leaves Gatsby to go to work on page 154. After Daisy had proclaimed her love for both Tom and Jay, Jay still wanted to protect her, and was still hoping for Daisy to call him. He is so blinded by this love that he will do anything to be with her. The reader is drawn into this emotional attachment to Daisy and hopes that the relationship will work out. But, we see through Nick's…

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  • Alcoholism In The Great Gatsby

    it was an opportunity they gave to some of the officers after the Armistice (Fitzgerald,129).” Gatsby was given this opportunity because he had perfected his skill in the service, something Fitzgerald would never get the chance to accomplish. Gatsby 's military career is what Fitzgerald had pictured what he thought his own was going to be. Though Gatsby may have been the war hero, he never got the girl and neither did Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s American girl was Ginevra King from Middlebury, Conn…

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  • The Whirlwind Character Of Daisy Buchan The Golden Girl

    Daisy Buchanan: The Golden Girl Daisy Buchanan is a whirlwind character in The Great Gatsby that represents ultimate wealth and beauty. She seems to be the figure created only by the wild imagination of F. Scott Fitzgerald. In reality, Daisy is based on two of the most influential women in Fitzgerald’s life: Ginevra King and Zelda Fitzgerald. These women are the two great loves of Fitzgerald and play the dominant role in creating Daisy Buchanan. The controversial role of Daisy shows the…

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  • Unfulfilled Romantic Dreams In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    The Great Gatsby is directly parallel to Fitzgerald’s current relationship with Sayre and his past relationship with King. It is as if Fitzgerald dedicated The Great Gatsby, like many of his other writings, to Sayre as a way to communicate what he was feeling. It could be that Fitzgerald wanted Sayre to see herself in his writing. Fitzgerald “transmuted their two biographies into fiction” in which creates the dramatic romance story (Shain 91). Daisy embodies the romantic dream “a dream that Tom…

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  • Attitude Towards Women In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald’s outlook on women is generally very poor because he is made to deal with the hurt they cause him very personally throughout his life (Bick). Fitzgerald is left with a bad taste in his mouth from his experiences with women from high society, which is why the high class Daisy is merely symbolic for a bigger picture in the book rather than a well-developed and understood character (Bick). Ginevra King, Fitzgerald’s first love, is strikingly similar to Daisy in her actions. King comes…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Great Gatsby's Life

    and how selfishness can ruin lives. However, many people do not realize that this novel parallels Fitzgerald’s own life in many ways. One can see this comparison through the characters, the setting, and the society depicted in the novel. Fitzgerald pulled many experiences from his own life in many ways to create this great American novel, and has provided today’s America a clearer view of what life was like in the 1920s. The first glimpse into Fitzgerald’s life is through the characters. Many…

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  • How Does Fitzgerald Present The Women In The Great Gatsby

    is about money, fame, great parties, and a tragic ending to a love story. On a deeper look though it is about the struggles of a young man to achieve the true American Dream which is to get the woman he loves to be with him and live happily ever after, but of course the wills and actions of others and himself turns his life upside down. This story is so iconic because of one thing Fitzgerald based his characters off his life and his emotions. He paints his characters as a fictional version of…

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  • How Did Fitzgerald's Life Influence The Great Gatsby

    staying at the Long Island estate of his cousin Daisy Buchannan, finds out of Daisy’s husband’s affair rendezvous after Tom has a phone call from his paramour this interference causes Daisy to confess her wedded predicaments to Nick, revealing that she’s developed to be “pretty cynical about everything”. By way of confirmation, she depicts the story of what she said on the day her daughter was brought about. Daisy also reveals to Nick how she fell to tears, but then persevered gallantly for the…

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