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  • Giorgio Agamben's Analysis

    In Giorgio Agamben’s The Time That Remains: A Commentary on the Letter to the Romans, he evaluates Paul’s letter by taking a close reading of the opening of Romans and then claims that within these treasured words ultimately lies Paul’s messianic philosophy. Each chapter, interestingly, lays out the context and content that each word of the opening means and what Paul was hoping to convey to the Romans. Agamben also presents Benjamin’s Theory on the Philosophy of History side-by-side Paul’s letter, developing their shared characteristics. Agamben talks about Paul not exactly as a believer in Christ the person, but more so Christ the apostle and the event, specifically Christ’s death and resurrection. Moreover, he discusses this event in order…

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  • Analysis Of Saint Francis's Poor Life

    Francis not only left his family and money, but left himself. Francis was no longer in power of his own life, Jesus was. Saint Francis created an outbreak, and other men wanted to join him. It did not take long for Francis to accept other men. When Francis recruited eleven men, he took them to see the bishop. The goal was to get an approval for their way of life. After a long talk with the bishop, the bishop saw that Francis was not going to stop insisting, so the bishop approved the group.…

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  • Giorgio Agamben's Writing Of Sovereign Power And Bare Life

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the writing of Giorgio Agamben as it relates to the course theme in regard to the placement of the body in contemporary social theory. More specifically this paper will address Agamben’s writing of Sovereign Power and Bare Life and the distinction between the natural being and the legal existence of a person. First in Part I, I will provide a summary of Sovereign Power and Bare Life, and identify Agamben 's central thesis. In Part…

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  • Giorgio Vasari's Calvary Skirmish

    began to use paper more and more to draw (Bambach,“ Renaissance Drawings: Material and Function”). Artists prepared their paintings or sculptures with quick drawings. Since the drawings were done quickly, very little detail was captured, but, was done to get a broad idea of where to begin. It allowed viewers to see the creative thinking process of the artist as well. This is why I would like to discuss Giorgio Vasari’s Calvary Skirmish and how it illustrates a creative thinking process. It was…

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  • Sartre's Letter On Humanism

    Jouvé in his account of the executions, both highlight the responsibility they have and feel now, years after, in the assassination of their comrades. After this, the big question is: what is the alternative? If 20th century revolutionary political movements committed these kinds of crimes in fighting fascism and totalitarianism, there seems to be no escape from these two positions. In the following pages I will try to read this contradiction posed by both Jouvé and Del Barco not with the…

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  • Scottie And Judy In Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

    The story of Scottie and Judy in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo seems like the typical Hollywood romantic thriller: a man falls in love with an imposter and must come to terms with her deception when her true identity is revealed. Having spent the majority of the film getting to know a blond hair female in a light grey dress, Scottie seems to have fallen in love with Madeleine whose features he sees daily rather than, Judy, the actress. By playing Madeleine, Judy turns her own body into a unique…

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  • What Is Asylum Seeker?

    they are suffering a violent abandonment through political neglect (Davies & Isakjee, 2015). The unauthorized immigrant has taken the place of the “enemy” in global discourse especially since the end of the Cold War. Having a common enemy that the state can protect its citizens from legitimizes political and social mobilizations of exclusion (Story, 2005). The ideology of the camp is better understood in light of Giorgio Agamben’s work Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life (1998). Agamben…

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  • The Prioress's Tale By Chaucer

    conversion to Christianity. In the end Custance makes it home and beseeches her father “Send me namoore unto noon hethenesse” (1112). Once again the other is created, this time in the foreigner. The other of the foreigner is also depicted in Wonders of the East. Many of the illustrations show foreigners as monstrous creatures. In the colony of Locotheo “Men are born…fifteen feet tall, and they have a white body and two faces on one head, feet and knees very red and a long nose and dark hair”…

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  • Definition Essay On State Racism

    Nationality is the identification with a place and nationalism are reasons that make individuals to want to be part of a nation. The purpose of nationalism is to bring a group of people under a common set of shared beliefs and values. This could be an entire country, such as the United States, or a smaller group within a country that are tied culturally and socially to one another, such as Colorado State University. However, at the core of nationalism is a dividing principle that sets up an…

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