Personal Experiences In The Great Gatsby By Frances Scott Fitzgerald

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The past experiences someone faces can impact future decisions. A person’s background can also contribute to the outcome of certain things. Many authors take aspects of their lives and add them to their stories. For example, some authors give their characters traits similar to themselves. Frances Scott Fitzgerald uses his personal experiences in The Great Gatsby to make his novel seem realistic during the roaring twenties. Frances Scott Fitzgerald uses autobiographical elements in The Great Gatsby by using his life before the creation of the book, his social lifestyle, and his love experiences to influence the novel.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life prior to the creation of The Great Gatsby parallels with many things in the novel. Fitzgerald uses
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One source states that "Daisy Buchanan......was in many ways inspired by a young woman named Ginevra King"(Hensley 9). Fitzgerald uses the personal background of Ginevra King to influence his character Daisy Buchannan. LeVot says “Ginevra was adorned with every feminine grace. She became a symbol-one that daisy would embody for Gatsby -of the refined and luxurious elegance of blossoms that can bloom only if they are rooted in wealth (48). In The Great Gatsby, Daisy is a symbol of elegance and purity because Fitzgerald intended to embody Ginevra into his character Daisy. Wells states that “The Ginevra characters will risk social reputation for an emotional interlude, but they know the importance of status and wealth, and they understand how social codes operate” (xiv). Daisy is considered to be one of these characters because she risked her social reputation when she was seeing Gatsby as a soldier, but she did not marry him because he was not wealthy enough. Zelda, Daisy, and their families were overly consumed with wealth, rather than a love connection. “Fitzgerald pursued Zelda with vigor but was not particularly well liked by her family” because he was not successful yet (Sickels para.5). At the time Fitzgerald was pursuing Zelda he was not a successful author, which is why Zelda’s family did not like him. One source says that Fitzgerald “had high hopes that Scribner 's would accept his revised novel, which would, he hoped, make him worthy of Zelda 's hand. Scribner 's rejected it, which ultimately resulted in Zelda breaking off their engagement” (Sickels para 5). Zelda was fixated on Fitzgerald’s success and wealth rather than his feelings towards her. Daisy’s family was a part of the social high class, but when she met Gatsby he was poor and was a soldier in the Great War. Gatsby tells Tom that “She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting”

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