Railroad Expansion Essay

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Ljuba 1
Joseph Ljuba
Ms. Verdino, Mr. Muraco, Mrs. King
Social Studies
Rise of Industry and Unions Railroad Expansion
Bang! Bang! That’s the sound of the railways being created across America. In the late 1800’s the United States was coming out of the Civil War and our growing population needed to expand across the continent. Railroad expansion across the United States was crucial to the development of our country. Some points to prove my thesis are after the civil war, our country experienced tremendous economic growth. Also, Railroad expansion provided new jobs opportunities and ultimately it provided a quicker way for people to get around.
After the Civil War, our country increased in population. Much of this increase was due to immigrants
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Because of this growth in population, America needed to expand west. We also needed a reliable way to travel. Railroad development was the best option. Ljuba 2
The immigrants that came to the United States needed to work. “Work on the Last Mile of the Pacific Railroad—Mingling of European with Asiatic laborers,” is a sketched photo that shows how immigrants were willing to work on the railroad system. These were people who came from Europe and Asia. This shows how building the transcontinental railroad helped give job security to our new immigrants and it helped our economy. These people were working and making their own income. They were not depending on our government.
Many of the immigrants who worked on building the railway were Chinese. Large amounts of Chinese workers completed the railway system. Many of these workers were taken advantage of by the railroad owners.
“the workers blasting through the most difficult terrain of the entire railroad line. Receiving only $1 a day in salary and working 12 hour shifts six days a week, the Chinese lived in makeshift camps, sometimes in the tunnels they were blasting, and were often called upon to perform the most life-threatening construction duties.”

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