The Gilded Age During The Gilded Age In America

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During the Gilded Age in America, a new movement of techology and wealth spread throughout the country. Industrialization rapidly swept through the nation and urbanized many western areas including the Great Plains and California. White colonist took this as an opportunity to expand westward though this brought destruction to the native americans, while poverty and overpopulation in Japan encouraged migration to America to find their own riches. During the time period of the Gilded Age, the Gold rush was also a prominent movement. White settlers from the east heard of untod rishes in the west and started to make their claim on land in and around california. The Gold Rush encouraged white settlers amoung the crowd to go to california and make a way for themselves. Finding gold was not as common as the title would make you believe, but the concept of the gold rush brought more than just prescious metals to America. New cities and colonies were formed and innovations which continued to bring America into a new age. In their move towards the west, their were many new inventions that furthered the Gilded age and consequently encouraged more mirgration throughout the country. Railroads were created to travel across country which opened the door to many opportunities, although not all good. Along …show more content…
The positive views and lifestyles that came for white settlers when the industrial age came to its peak were insentive for the westward movement that followed. Across the sea, many people in asian cultures were hearing of the new industrial period, and although were unsuccessful in their own attempts, were encouraged to emigrate to America to start a new life for themselves. Filled with controversy and strife, eventually the Japanese immigrants were able to gain their fresh start that they

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