The Impact Of Big Business During The Gilded Age

From 1870 to 1900 American had a huge growth in its industry and size. In this time period was called the “Gilded Age.” This was the name Mark Twain called it. He refers this to be the period everything on top seem to be sparking and glittering but underneath it’s all corrupt. This essay will be talking about how big business,during the gilded age, sprung up and took control of the economy, political system, and the response the American people gave. Big business had a huge impact on the economy. America became an industrial powerhouse. America became more familiar with the natural resources and export goods overseas. Even immigrants started coming over to America provided more labor. People start getting more and more wealthy. That’s when big business began to strike up and growth in corporation raised. Once these business got bigger it formed “Robber Barons,” the leaders on the industry. J.D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie was the leaders of the industry with Rockefeller standard oil and Andrew steel. The government tried to protect this by charging taxes. Another impact is that technology brought changes to the way people work. In document 2 its says that the modern manufacturing has system has been brought into a condition analogous to that of a military organization. They …show more content…
The railroads being able to make different time zones in the U.S. so telling time on one side of the world would be easier while also thinking about the time on the other side of the world. Also, the robber barons were bad and some people like Thomas Vast tried their hardest to end the dishonest that ran rampant. In response to these changes the people turned to labor unions and political parties for advice and help. This Era paved the way for the time periods to come, The Progressive

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