The Great Railroad Strike Essay

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The Great railroad strike of 1877. It began in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The workers for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad wanted their pay cut returned to them, that they had lost over the last two years. The railroad workers have lost almost twice their wages over that period of time.

The strike upon the railroad was rough for all that was involved. This includes the businessmen who owned the companies, the people who worked for these companies, and to the businesses who do business with the railroads. Last but not the least to the people of the United States that depend on the railroad system for the products that they need for everyday life.

Most of the cities that were a central point for the railroad was affected. The states sent
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One city in particular was Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Where the rioters set the union depot on fire. The military tried holding them off, but to no success. They had to run for their lives the mob was sending burning cars into the buildings and catching them on …show more content…
A lot happened on July 23 most of the railroad were shut down from the east coast to the Mississippi river.

Some passenger cars were running, but freight trains set idol on the tracks at many stations. Most of the strikes had peaceful demonstration, in the cities became so disrupted that the states called in the militia and troops control the crowds.

All the strikes wanted was to get their payback to the wage it was before they went on strike. Some of the businesses did decide to give some of the payback. Other railways back down, if they gave back the pay, people that worked on the railroad would lose their jobs. Most of them did not want their fellow workers to lose their job.

As the strike went on most business closed early to avoid looting? In their stores, many cities proclaimed proclamation to try to help control the crowd of people that were protesting. So, by July 24, 1877 most freight trains had stopped moving across the United States. The only passenger trains were moving more workmen were joining forces with the railroad

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