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  • Waiting For The Barbarians Essay

    attack from the “barbarians” is what justifies the members of the Empire's inhumane acts toward innocent natives. As the Magistrate attempts to speak for the natives, he shows control over them by taking away their voices and replacing them with his own thoughts representing his own motives. The idea of the voiceless oppressed comes from Spivak’s influential piece about the possibility of speaking for the subaltern, in which she criticizes poststructuralist thinkers Gilles Deleuze's and Michael Foucault's claims that we can express the experience of the Other; that is, we come to know a truth, if not the truth, about the Other. Spivak's essay refutes this theory by defending that the subaltern, in fact, cannot speak, but that does not mean that they cannot become literate if they so desire.…

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  • Deleuze's Influence On Music Analysis

    rhythm, and form, but music has been at best, ignored with respect to philosophical thought. Deleuze is one philosopher who has tackled music straight on. An analysis of the scholarly reception of Deleuze 's influence on music reveals the problem with using language to speak about non narrative topics such as music. I am writing on the scholarly reception of Deleuze…

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  • Compare And Contrast Adorno And Lebensphilosophie

    It is well known that Deleuze had a negative opinion about comparative philosophy. In his eyes, comparative philosophy represented a certain type of ressentiment and a perverse satisfaction in exposing the contradictions of the other thinker; his method was monographic. 1 Adorno, on the other hand, was opposed to a notion of a Lebensphilosophie in general, holding that any attempt to ground philosophy on a notion of lived experience was nothing but blind self-assertion.2 Undermining the spirit…

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  • Kafka's Argumentative Analysis

    autobiographical texts as a fragmentary literary genre. It argues that while fragmentary writings are famously celebrated in postmodernist thoughts for its potential to break through authority, it can also be as easily exploited by a unified discourse exactly because it is fragmentary, which made it more fragile to rewriting and reinterpretation. This paper—again—contrasts Said’s celebration of essay as a genre suitable for criticism, and Deleuze and Guattari’s ahistorical appropriation of…

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  • Prenatal Genetic Testing Research Paper

    Prenatal Genetic Testing: A Technology of Normalization Prenatal genetic testing is a technology made available to more accurately determine whether or not a child could have a birth ‘defect’. The most common birth defects tested for are Down syndrome, Trisomy 18, or an open neural tube defect (Government of Canada, 2013). This paper asserts first that prenatal genetic testing is a technology of normalization, which labels disability as abnormal and a feared outcome, and second that…

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  • Relational Capital And Supply Chain Management

    related but are distinctly different. Visualized networks indicate that relational capital uses social capital literature in citations. The findings suggest the relationship in the literature of the two concepts with a need for future research. 9. Saxena (2015) looks at a different form of relational capital known as Imagined capital and tries to test its sociality with small tourism firms established in Scarborough, Bedlington, and Whitby within Yorkshire. The key aspect was to give a…

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  • Michel Foucault's Theorizing Race

    In Chapter 3 of “Theorizing race: Examining experiences of racialized families in the child welfare system” by Daniel Kikulwe he focuses on the theorization of race, using power,knowledge, and the subject which is Michel Foucault’s theory. This chapter mentions how race and racism is limited towards child welfare institutions. In chapter 11, “Deconstructing Hybrid Spaces: Internationally Educated Nurses of Colour in Canada” by Nadia Prendergast it talks about educated nurses of colour not having…

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  • Analyzing The Concept Of Connection In Judith Butler's Violence, Mourning, Politics

    Connectedness Connection. This is a simple word, but it has great strength. When you think about it anything can be connected or linked to another thing. Somehow at some point two things connect, whether it be through association such as knowing someone who knows someone else or creation such as trees and wood which are connected to my desk and therefore connected to my laptop and me sitting at my desk. In Gilles Deluze and Félix Guattari’s chapter Introduction: Rhizome, along with in Judith…

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  • The Hierarchy Of Sex Foucault Analysis

    When researching a specific topic, a process is usually taken in order to get a complete understanding. Sometimes the route in achieving that understand can be nice and easy, or long and difficult. In researching the topic of sexuality, it requires a much more complex process of receiving an understanding. Michael Foucault is one of the many researchers to dive into research for an understanding of sexuality. Foucault got critical when he discovered different layers of sexuality, specifically of…

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  • Macbeth Tragic Hero Characteristics

    A Shakespearean tragic hero is defined as a person of noble birth heroic qualities who possesses a tragic flaw in character that brings about his downfall. The character of Macbeth is one of a classic example of Shakespearean tragic hero. There are three main characteristics that titled Macbeth as a “Tragic Hero”. Firstly, Macbeth is a figure of high stature in form of nobility and wisdom. Secondly, Macbeth is essentially a good-hearted and noble man, but suffers in tremendous downfall due…

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