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  • The Musical Composition In The Cinema Entr And Song Socrates

    The musical composition in the cinema Entr'acte Symphonique de "Relache" (1924) and song Socrates (1919) both produced by Eric Satie illustrates the distinct musical approaches that he used in his compositions. Interestingly, I have noticed Satie used different musical elements to distinguish different sections both the cinema and the musical composition. My analysis of his approaches in these two pieces of work is critical in understanding the sensibilities of the works and understanding of Satie’s use of sound to develop the two famous artworks. The cinema Entr'acte Symphonique de "Relache" lasts for approximately seventeen minutes and has a total of twenty-two episodes. Each of twenty-two episodes is connected by repeated, overlapping, recurring, and re-contextualized ballet musical elements that make them appear distinct from each other. Each episode exhibits more than one musical gesture. The episodes have an average of four musical gestures that have different instrumentations, harmony, smoothness, and sharpness of their rhythms. In some sections of musical gestures, the saxophones are louder whereas others predominantly…

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  • Deleuze's Influence On Music Analysis

    Scholarly reception in music looks at developing dialog and discussion among scholars who are engaged in philosophical and practical analyses of musical experiences. Unlike other philosophical discourses, the difficulty of speaking about music is the difficulty of speaking about a nonrepresentational art form. Music has been discussed in terms of the hard sciences, such as pitch, rhythm, and form, but music has been at best, ignored with respect to philosophical thought. Deleuze is one…

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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    Being in a band has let me see some great compositions by Tyler Grant, and Robert Smith. The amount of joy I, and my friends have gotten from playing this music has inspired me to want to compose music. This experience highlights that composing music brings many people joy, helps, and inspires them. As a music composer, one could compose for animation, video games, or movies, to have fun composing while affecting humanity. One profession that involves composing music is an animation score…

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  • Hildegard Of Bingen Analysis

    services were held, the sick, poor, elderly, and orphaned could take refuge. Here, within the nunneries and convents men and women alike were taught to read and write literature and music. Unfortunately the knowledge was screened by the Church hierarchy, and many were only taught to read works provided to them. Only a fortunate few were granted the privilege to study music and music composition; Hildegard of Bingen was one of these women. Hailing from Bermershein, Germany, Hildegard was born…

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  • Auscultation In Steven Church's The Opera Of Existence

    The Opera of Existence In music, the pitches and the pauses in a composition contribute to the piece as much as, or even more than, the lyrics themselves. In non-lyrical music, each note must be deliberate, played in a certain way to achieve the desired effect. The crescendos cause feelings of power and anticipation, while decrescendos gather the attention of the audience. Each note adds to the tone of the piece, but silence similarly asserts itself in its demand to be felt. In Gymnopédie…

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  • Grieg Historie In Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

    Edvard Grieg Historie From the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Music is a universal language shared between every human on Earth. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a form of expressing a person’s feelings. Throughout the years, music has evolved and is still currently changing. However, the sound and structure are changed through big influences in the musical world. This is how music develops a new shape and sound. For the Romantic…

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  • Kisses On The Bottom, By Jeff Turrentine

    Likewise, he expresses his disbelief by saying that the older artist who make cover records are narcissistic suggesting the musician who explores a different genre than their own is a desperate need for them to display their knowledge of musical catalogs. Personally, I love when a band does a cover song. I would argue that matter whether it is different or not because in most cases it is a song you have never heard before. If you listen to U2 you may have never listened to a Jimi Hendrix or…

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  • How Has Music Influenced Me

    Throughout the semester, Professor Ochoa would drop an inspirational quote that would sometimes leave a lingering effect on me. There were three that stuck out to me the most. The first was, “Great art awakens the art in you”. I completely agree that great art can stir something inside of you that creates creativity. For example, you could listen to Tchaikovsky’s, Symphony #5 second movement, and be inspired to create a painting that you feel captures the emotion of the musical piece. Great art…

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  • Reflection Of Hip-Hop: My Favorite Genre Of Music

    Music is the voice of the alluring soul and captivating sound of the heart. Music has a way of articulating feelings and emotions through a vast variety of sounds, words, and instruments. Choice in music personalized, and no two individuals enjoy all of the same music because we all are differ in some way. For example, I was born in College Park, Georgia, in a majority Black neighborhood to my mother and two brothers. I am a twenty-year-old college student that identify as a Black American male…

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  • Time Capsule Speech

    Warm greetings to those who have found this time capsule. Encased in this time capsule are ten handpicked and meticulously decided pieces of music that represent the musical culture of the classical era until the 21st Century. Brought to you by the decisions of a group of musical professionals are a pieces that will captivate you into the history of the western world. Before intricately contriving a list of musical pieces, my group and I brainstormed the process of fabricating the list. We…

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