Musical improvisation

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  • Rock Music Vs Classical Music Essay

    Think of music, think of how it makes people feel when they listen to it. Sounds are vibrations that allow for humans to hear. The sounds people hear can be disliked, like the sound of nails on a chalk broad, or enjoyed, like the sounds of rain falling. Music is just like sound but with words and a specific type of rhythm. In the same way as sound certain people can hate classical music but can like rock music. Classical and rock music are classified into different types of genres. Genres are ways people deceiver one type of rhythm and tone from another. Although classical and rock music are seen to have many differences between them, yet seem to share one similarity in what meaning they really express. Picture a fancy theater somewhere in the city. People are dressed up in nice suits and dresses standing in a lobby with red velvet flooring with white and gold decorated walls. Going in to the theater, a huge stage is all set up for an orchestra that’s going to play. The orchestra walks out all dressed up and sits down in and orderly fashion. As the musicians play, the audience sits attentively and quietly listening to the music. At the end the audience stands and claps as the musicians stand and bow ending the performance. Now in vision a rock concert that’s outside. Seeing all the people with causal clothes that are walking around to different stages and booths. When a band is about to perform one see giant crowds all standing in huge masses around a stage all talking. As…

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  • Culture And Music Analysis

    Although every culture has musical influences, in the United States, the students who are enrolled in the music programs are not as diverse as the population of the United States. It is found that race and ethnicity is associated with music participation, Caucasians were overrepresented, while Hispanics were underrepresented (Elpus 4). The social and economic background also influences whether the students participate in the music programs. Although Caucasians are overrepresented in music…

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  • Reflection Of Hip-Hop: My Favorite Genre Of Music

    Music is the voice of the alluring soul and captivating sound of the heart. Music has a way of articulating feelings and emotions through a vast variety of sounds, words, and instruments. Choice in music personalized, and no two individuals enjoy all of the same music because we all are differ in some way. For example, I was born in College Park, Georgia, in a majority Black neighborhood to my mother and two brothers. I am a twenty-year-old college student that identify as a Black American male…

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  • The Argument Between Absolute Music And Program Music

    theorists argue that there is no “absolute” music truly exist because music always conveys musical ideas and emotions. In my opinions, I believe that absolute music can truly exist without containing any meaning program music is only narrative because of its title. If program music has no title and people…

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  • Time Capsule Speech

    Warm greetings to those who have found this time capsule. Encased in this time capsule are ten handpicked and meticulously decided pieces of music that represent the musical culture of the classical era until the 21st Century. Brought to you by the decisions of a group of musical professionals are a pieces that will captivate you into the history of the western world. Before intricately contriving a list of musical pieces, my group and I brainstormed the process of fabricating the list. We…

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  • Live Concert Critique

    A person cannot fully grasp the full effect and intricateness of music without attending a live concert. On Tuesday, October 27 at the Sharp Concert Hall, I had the opportunity to attend a concert held by D. Frazier and Ricardo Coelho de Souza exhibits musical styles from Africa, South America, and parts of North America. All of the musical pieces contained several African retentions, a variety of instruments and other musical accompaniments such as vocalists and dancers. The concert as a…

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  • Hairspray: Musical Analysis

    In the musical production Hairspray, there were various differences in acting styles, technical elements, and demands of the actor in comparison to plays in general. With Hairspray being a movie that I had watched on Netflix, it was obviously not live and this also contributes to the differences of going to an actual live production in a theater. These differences help us distinguish between the realities of the products of a musical and the products of a play. Hairspray’s acting styles were…

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  • Jazz Vs Rock Music Essay

    19th century. Jazz music emphasizes improvisation along with the use of different musical instruments. Rock is also a music genre which originated in the United States in mid twentieth century. Rock music refers to rocking and rolling, reference to dancing and sex. Also it uses different types of recording techniques and unique instruments. Rock ushered in psychedelic rock era. Many rock musicians have been known as the innovators of different unique musical techniques and forms. While both jazz…

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  • Choppin Piano Sonata No 2 Analysis

    technical and expressive devices. His musical style can be described as unique because of his variety and complexity of compositional techniques. The Piano Sonata Op.35 No.2 is an illustration of Chopin’s musical style where he explores several elements found in the nineteenth century music such as the “idea of artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity. Furthermore, the nineteenth century music was a time of individualism and intense feelings where the literary movement,…

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  • Jazz Music: Music Analysis

    Free is the sound we make and judge is what minds do. I have been learning how to improvise on my guitar for almost a year now through the methodologies of jazz music, in which improvisation plays an integral role. Being able to express our thoughts through music is wonderful, and though all musicians express them through the compositions they make and the music they play, there is a particular joy in being able to convey your thoughts into sound with immediacy that attracted me to this…

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