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  • Dual Polymodality

    Polymodality and Dual Modality Concepts and Definitions According to Vincent Persichetti, “polymodality involves two or more different modes on the same or different tonal centers. The modal strands may be melodic or harmonic.” In the most traditional conception a melodic line in order to be considered modal, apart from being diatonic to a mode (traditional or synthetic), needs to contain no alterations. This also applies to modal harmonic content. Persichetti states that “a pure modal passage is one in which a modal melody is harmonized with chords from the same mode and on the same tonal center.” In reference to modal jazz, this concept is what Ron Miller has described as modal simple. This notion of harmonic modality is somehow reminiscent…

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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    time. Arguments ranging from curved lines to pleasure have appeared in regards to affect invoked by the arabesque. However, the melody presented by Debussy and the arabesque have a common theme. While Debussy’s ornate melody moves around the given pitches of the scale, the arabesque ornates itself repeatedly with a given pattern only to return to a single stem. Thus, Debussy creates a piece which sounds in whole Spanish without necessarily imitating and copying directly musical traditions of…

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  • Heptatonic Scales

    another system to obtain all the heptatonic pitch collections that confirmed Barbour’s results, that is, 462 scales. In his paper Mason provides all the Busoni scales written in letter notation, but he fails to provide the complete Barbour list. It is important to note that included in the 462 pitch collections are the major scale and its modes, and the harmonic and melodic minor scales, that is, the non-synthetic heptatonic scales. The total number provided by Barbour and confirmed by Mason…

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  • Mode 4: Frame Insights: User Journey Model

    subjects were recorded in the form of empathic customer observation. (Please refer figure 1.1) 5. Debrief with team: Since, I was working by myself in this, so I have decided to debrief this in the class and get my cohorts inputs. Mode 4: Frame Insights: User Journey Map (4.17) For this mode, I have used the “User Journey Map, 4.17” to proceed with my finding from the previous modes. The Frame Insight method works on the flow map by recording the entire steps of user’s experiences in a…

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  • Abab Case Studies

    Procedure An ABAB withdrawal design with one participant was utilized to evaluate to evaluate the effects of the token economy. Parents were interviewed in the home to gain information pertaining to Nic’s behavior in home and at school as well as to identify target behaviors and secondary reinforcers. A list of potential reinforcers and target behaviors was identified along with the token value for each identified reinforcer. All identified behaviors would earn one token. During this visit…

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  • Difference Between Skittles And Chromatography

    The Rf values for the dyes of the blue Skittles are .498, .488, .542, .526, and .441. The statistics for these numbers are .499 for the mean, .498 for the median, no mode, .0389 for the standard deviation, and .499 ± .0389 for the best answer. The Rf values for the dyes of the green skittles are .621, .455, .628, .590, and .397. The statistics for these numbers are .538 for the mean, .590 for the median, no mode, .105 for the standard deviation, and .538 ± .105 for the best answer. The Rf…

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  • Exercises 11 And 16 In Statistics Essay

    In the control group, 31 are married (86.1%), 1 is separated/divorced (2.8%) and 3 are single (8.3%). The mode is married in each group as that is the value that appears most often. The frequency is 51 (out of 67 total subjects) a percentage of 82.1% for both groups together. 7. Could a median be determined for the education data? If so, what would the median be for education for the experimental and the control groups? Provide a rationale for your answer. No, all 32 of the subjects…

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  • Non Preferred Hand Pattern Essay

    Discussion: The distribution of each graph is quite comparable as they have similar means and standard deviation, where the preferred hand has a mean of 16.33 and a standard deviation of 2.842 whilst the non-preferred hand has a mean of 17.2 and standard deviation of 2.848. The normal distribution graph of each can be seen below: Preferred Hand vs. Non-preferred Hand: The graphs and boxplots (Figures 1.3- 1.6) seen previously in the results indicate that the two results did not have a normal…

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  • Central Tendency Paper

    are three forms of central tendency’s which are used to describe the center set of the data. These forms are the mean, median and mode. The mean is also known as the average and is found by “summing the observations and dividing by the number of observations” (Keller, 2014, p.96). The mean for Campaign 1 is 1.82% found by the equation, [(1.4 + 0.9 + 0.4+ 5.3 + 1.1)/5]. Well the mean for Campaign 2 is 0.8% found by the equation, [(1.2 + 0.5 +1.0 + 0.7 + 0.6)/5]. The next measure that will…

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  • Introduction To Quantitative Analysis

    This signifies that there is a moderate variation in data, skewed towards younger age group. Further, an appropriate graph for ADULTCT, measured at ratio level, is a histogram which can help us understand the shape of the distribution. The histogram displays that the number of adults in the household is positively skewed, as significant amount of data lies at the lower end of the graph. This signifies that majority of the respondents have two to three adults in the household. Descriptive…

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