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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    realized in this set. Debussy’s incorporation of distinctive scales, rhythmic patterns, harmonies, and colors commonly associated with the exotic also follows Locke’s idea of submerged exoticism. La soirée dans Grenade allows both submerged exoticism and transcultural composing to intersect. Although Debussy tries to imitate authentic Spanish music, the music does not reflect Spanish tradition except for the imitation of the strumming guitar. The Spanish composer Manuel de Falla would also echo this concept by saying, "There is not even one measure of this music borrowed from the Spanish folklore, and yet the entire composition in its most minute details, conveys admirably…

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  • African Art Museum Essay

    sailing on it. These boats were headed towards steps where other were already unloading and continuing on to castle liked structures. Surrounding the river was a cliff with a waterfall as well as a jungle. In this jungle were exotic women dressed sensually. One of the women had her arms stretched opened as if welcoming the viewer to this land of mystery. This painting brings about a point in Edward Said’s Orientalism. Said states, “the Orient was almost a European invention, and had been since…

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  • Musical Exoticism Analysis

    Differentiating Musical Exoticism Musical exoticism comes from the influence of non-European elements, often imitating styles from other cultures as a way to differ from the customs of the audience and creators. The motives for exoticism lie on a spectrum, ranging from pure exoticism to transcultural composing. Pure exoticism includes “othering” a subject, labeling them as different from one’s own group (Lecture 5/16). On the other hand, transcultural composing uses both non-western and western…

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  • Exoticism In Britten's Death In Venice

    Exoticism exists on a spectrum, from pure exoticism - the choice to represent or "other" an exotic a non-Western subject, to transcultural composing which is the result of the combination of Western and non-Western styles without any intent to "other" an exotic subject (Lecture). Bizet's Carmen premiered at the Opera Comique in 1875 and was successful because of its violation of the social and operatic norms. The story was considered shocking at the time because it was about Carmen a "rebellious…

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  • Death In Venice Analysis

    Exoticism, The Gamelan, and Sexuality Western music has drawn on many musical styles. Exoticism is one of the styles that was popular in the late nineteenth century. Exoticism, according to much literature, is deliberated as a form of representation that predicts people, cultural practices and places as foreign from a composer’s perspective or intended audience. Ralph Locke, in “Musical Exoticism: Images and Reflections,” defines exoticism as “a process of evoking a place, people, or social…

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  • Ang Lee's Pushing Hands, Wedding Banquet, And Eat Drink Man Woman

    films that evokes exoticism. As a result, Lee’s trilogy provided both immigrant nostalgia and exotic/ethnic tour for non-Chinese audience that contributed to its global success. In the first part, Ma pointed out that Lee’s learning experience in U.S. and his profession suggested a larger audience beyond Chinese-speaking area, which also facilitated his unique parameter concerning the differences among nationality, race, gender, and age (193). Further, Ma highlighted Lee’s practice in…

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  • Romanticism: An Artistic Movement

    movement that began after the Enlightenment that focused on the genre of literature, music and the arts during the late 1750s well through the mid-1800s. It is said that the era of Romanticism is the historical period in which individuals began to visualize themselves as well as their modern conflicts and desires. To put the idea simply, due to Romanticism’s stylistic diversity, it is uncanny to believe that there was more than one category for this art movement, but of course this is true.…

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  • Superhero Research Paper

    Shakespeare, who was a prominent figure in Romanticism due to his unique adaptions of writing into plays. Romantic writing not only inspired plays, by classic books. Medievalism mixed with Romanticism created fairy tales, which captured mythical, romance, and magic. This saw the rise in fame of classic writers, like the Grimm brothers. Other forms of Romanticism was Gothic Romance, which saw horror and mystery make for passionate writing, like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Individualism was a…

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  • Alexander Mcqueen Analysis

    extent of a response to the Industrial Revolution that took place in the course of the same time period. The movement affected and exaggerated the idea of logical and ethical literature, art, thinking and music. Nowadays, the word romantic evokes images of love and sentimentality. However, during the Romantic Movement, this term had a much wider meaning in that it covered an extensive range of developments and advances in all forms of art, such as music and literature amongst others. This term…

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  • Gloria Anzaldúa Analysis

    nature of discourse as an apparatus of power. Defining the self is accomplished by means of contrast to the other; both terms are structured through dichotomies . The textual construction of identity is contaminated by the evolving characteristic of literary creation that holds meaning as disseminated and plural. Self and other turned to be metaphors open for different strategies of representation guided mainly by an overemphasis on cultural difference. Depicting the other as alien comes…

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