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Superheroes. We live in an age of heroes. Whether you’ve seen them in comics, books, TV shows, or movies, you have seen a hero in action. People are fascinated and intrigued by superheroes. Maybe it’s because they give us hope. Maybe it’s because they’re willing to make the sacrafice for the greater good. Maybe it’s the superpowers. Or maybe it’s the really cool costumes. Whatever the reason, one thing about superheroes remains constant; Each hero is a symbol for something. Whether its Superman as a symbol of Hope and Strength, or Captain America as a symbol of Freedom and Patriotism. Each superhero may symbolize something different, but could superheros symbolize an age in history? Could superheroes symbolize Romanticism?

So for all intentse
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It’s also know as the Romance era. Romanticism emphasized inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Romanticism took many different forms. One of the most prominent forms was through writings. One of these key romanic writers was Shakespeare, who was a prominent figure in Romanticism due to his unique adaptions of writing into plays. Romantic writing not only inspired plays, by classic books. Medievalism mixed with Romanticism created fairy tales, which captured mythical, romance, and magic. This saw the rise in fame of classic writers, like the Grimm brothers. Other forms of Romanticism was Gothic Romance, which saw horror and mystery make for passionate writing, like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Individualism was a form of Romanticism that focused on loving yourself. It made people consider themselves and their passions. Romanticism also gave rise to painting and art through exoticism and nature, which captivated and inspired artists. Exoticism is the quality of being attractive or striking through being colorful or unusual. Many artists used Exoticism to depict foriegn lands in art. Nature captivated artists and entranced them. Artists tried capturing nature through various art

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