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  • The Evolution Of Superman

    Superman is a DC comics superhero created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Since his first appearance in Action Comics #1, he appeared in radio serials, TV shows, movies, newspaper strips etc. It was his huge success and popularity that established the superhero genre as the center of comic book culture in the US. Superman's characteristics and traits changed more than once over the years, and those changes were explained as parallel universes. However, throughout all those changes, come identifiers stayed the same- Superman's blue uniform and his red cape, and his signature S shield to name some physical ones. His work at the Daily Planet as a reporter and his complicated love triangle with Luis Lane and his secret identity, and his archenemy Lex Luthor as main plot motivators.…

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  • Superman And Technology

    The reason for choosing these two particular films being superman the movie (1978) and Man Of Steel (2013) is to show the evolution of this particular super hero film, this showing how in time filmic technology improves. By doing these two films that have the same story line it shows us how superhero films are so similar to fairytales as they are able to be repeated again and again and still catch the attention of many, by choosing these two particular films it shows the very beginning of…

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  • Superman Popular Culture

    In the world of American comics, bad guys run everywhere, the world often needs. Thus, Superman, Batman, Spider-man and other gifted heroes appeared in succession. They fight the evil and save the treacherous shovel people, these superheroes are selfless, and they can even sacrifice their lives in order to protect the weak. Superman, the first comic figure to come to America and his story, which is action comics, entered on triumphing over evil every time. Superman sales volume achieved…

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  • Superman Comparison Essay

    Superman is an all-powerful alien from Krypton with supernatural abilities such as super strength and heat vision.Batman, however, is simply a man in a bat suit without super powers, how could Batman even prevail against Superman?Batman's not an ordinary human that you may think, he possesses no weakness, he's a remarkably intelligent man, he knows supermans weakness, and since he acknowledges martial arts he can protect himself from danger.Although both Superman and Batman are superheroes,…

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  • Superman Research Paper

    Most people think that the man of steel, superman, would come out on top against the scarlet speedster, the flash, but this is not true and flash is faster, more agile, and has a better more diverse move set than the last son of krypton, which is why I think the crimson comet would beat the Kryptonian and here's why. First, let’s just say the flash is faster. Superman is fast but the flash is faster. The flash’s top speed is 24 tredecillions 759 duodecillions 449 undecillion (23,759,449,000,…

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  • Batman Vs. Superman

    The DC flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice displayed a completely new Lex Luthor, who may seem to be an eccentric genius but actually turns out to be a sociopath hell-bent on destroying Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel as well as Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader. Luckily, Jesse Eisenberg’s character has been arrested in the film and is currently facing jail time. However, his company LexCorp Industries is officially washing their hands of Luthor by issuing a statement on Instagram! The official…

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  • Comparing Doomsday And Superman

    Doomsday is the best villain he kills heroes and does what he wants.A hero that he fights is superman and they are from the same planet.Doomsday and superman are both similar in strength and can both hurt each other.When they fight superman kills him but hes comes back stronger and cant be killed the same way.when this happens superman tries to figure out other ways to kill him.Something to note is that the more devastating the death the longer he takes to come back.Other villains cant to this…

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  • Superman Vs. Superheroes

    When people think of superheroes, the one that often comes to their minds is Superman. Superman, by day, works at the Daily Planet disguised as Clark Kent. When trouble strikes, Clark Kent quickly undresses into Superman and flies over to the scene of the crime. Superman’s method of achieving justice is to fight crime and have the police handle the criminals. Although many continue to despise him, the rest are proud to call him a superhero for his acts of justice. For the most part, all…

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  • Superman Vs Batman

    The very anticipated movie of Batman V Superman stars Henry Cavil as Superman and alter ego Clark Kent, Ben Affleck as Batman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. The movie starts a year and four months after the tragedy in the fictional Metropolis with General Zod who was from Krypton and wanted to destroy Earth to make a planet for Kryptonians. Superman is still doing his righteous duty and helping others who are in need but is also seen as a controversial topic.After…

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  • Superman Compare And Contrast

    taught me the values of life, but none were the same as my obsession with Superman. To me he was the ultimate figure; he had powers and abilities that made him unique and powerful. Also, he was a hero that saved the innocent and protected the weak; he resembled more than what a man of law can do and did what a perfect firefighter was able to. Even though I figured out that he was a fictional character, that did not stop me from wanting to believe that he was real. I was not the only person to…

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