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  • Analysis Of Peter Coogan's Superhero: The Pro-Social Mission

    to end up like Krypton. Although the world was not exactly ready for Superman, he never stopped to earn the trust of the people, so he combatted with evil forces for the greater good. Ruzicka pointed out that although many heroes may have their differences, the one thing that they all have in common is “they always fight in the name of good, in the name of honest citizens, and they are always victorious” (Ruzicka 46). This is what makes them different that the supervillains we’ve come to know over the years. They also help create the superheroes mission, since they are often on the other side of the spectrum. We mentioned in class that heroes often had a reactive state of mind compared to a supervillain’s proactive mindset. Duncan and Smith touch on the supervillains of the superhero world, calling them a “rogues gallery” that would often come back and try to mess with the hero, all while having their own agenda (Duncan and Smith 229). Superheroes are known for not wanting to change the status quo, but supervillains play the role of trying to change it. Although I am a gigantic Batman fan, I still to this day have no idea what Joker’s mission is in Gotham, other than to oppress Batman and create chaos. This is true for some villains, but others want to rule the world, like Darkseid. The villains also help move the plot of the story, helping the superhero define the qualities inside him that makes him super and wanting to battle evil. We can’t talk about superheroes…

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  • Despicable Me Character Analysis

    On one hand, he aspires to prove he is the most evil supervillain in the world by stealing the moon. On the other hand, in the process of stealing the moon, he becomes a caring, compassionate person through adopting three orphaned girls. Gru was driven to express his villainous side to prove himself worthy of getting a loan to steal the moon. This caused him to hide his sensitive side from the public, and possibly even from himself. When he adopted the three orphaned girls, he was forced to face…

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  • Kid Impossible: A Short Story Of An Epic Hero

    the story of a boy turned hero by a moment of senseless trauma, grown into a man lost between identities, facing off against a villain with a mirrored backstory and a terrible plan to make the whole world orphans. Now one of the most recognized heroes in the world with his own branded video game, Dynamo can spout catchphrases brainstormed by his PR guy, Marco, and take selfies with the tourists—but he can’t put together a résumé or make friends as the quieter, humble, sweet Jerry Craig. He can’t…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dragon

    It’s just another day for me. Another day to be slayed by the knight and watch in envy as he carries the princess to ‘safety’. My life is only a fairytale. A fairytale in which I am the villain and the knight is the hero. I never wanted to be born like this and I mostly certainly don’t want it to continue happening. However, it cannot come to a halt. I have endless lives and endless nights and days to cry out in agony on how fucking bad my life is. When I try to speak, a blazing blue inferno…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Gun

    The Gun by Paul Langan was the first book I read alone back when I was in 7th grade. I was in my English class examining the shelf of books in the back of the room then a thought came to my head that I never read a book that I wasn’t force to read for homework or read over to prepare for a chapter quiz or test. So I asked my teacher if I could borrow the book for a few weeks which she allow. This book was my first that I didn’t have to stress over about reading 50 pages for the weekend or taking…

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  • Suicide Squad: The Supervillain Industry

    The marketing for the highly anticipated group of criminals, monsters and supervillains has been slowly amping up as it nears the release date. Suicide Squad is DC Extended Universe’s big move that promises to be bigger when it hits theaters. With cast members like Jared Leto, Harley Quinn and Will Smith, the movie is expected to be a big hit. With Suicide Squad’s theatrical release only a few weeks away, the supervillain ensemble and cast members are already taking their characters to various…

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  • Joker Vs Spiderman Research Paper

    Superheroes are a common thing in movies, TV, and especially comic books. These people fight for what’s right in the world, saving people from untimely death and stopping the terror caused by their rivals. These rivals are evil: they have an arsenal of weapons that they’re not afraid to use, and of course harbor a twisted mind and a twisted conscience. These Supervillains, as they’re called, have come and gone over the years, each one possessing a certain amount of talent and skill at their…

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  • Mutants And Mystics: A Literary Analysis

    However, this conception of the superhero myth is stereotyped towards the great stories we read in comic books, where heroes are inspirations and the pillar of hope for society. Yet the narratives dominating the superhero genre is by no means realistic, considering the flaws that underlie human nature. In Trank’s Chronicle, we are presented with a depressed teenager who could not be loved by society. Rather than use his bestowed powers to gain acceptance, Andrew had turned himself into the…

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  • Causes Of Gun Violence

    One real issue we must deal with in order to expect the amount of gun violence to go down is the entertainment with which children now grow up with. In movies, superheroes used to be blemishless and charismatic always choosing the right, and supervillains were evil and outrageous almost to the point of being silly. But now, superheroes are becoming more and more corrupted showing their signs of weakness as they struggle to make the right decisions. Supervillains are now becoming more relatable…

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  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Analysis

    story is more human and therefore more relatable, and also revolves around a woman, much like in The Great Gatsby. Of course, Jay Gatsby did not have an alter ego that was a supervillain. At least, not one that came up in the novel. This person, the sought-after object, lies at the end of the second piece of a quest story- the quest itself. Gatsby had an arguably more arduous quest than Billy: “He had waited five years and bought a mansion where he dispensed starlight to casual…

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