Reflective Essay On The Gun

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The Gun by Paul Langan was the first book I read alone back when I was in 7th grade. I was in my English class examining the shelf of books in the back of the room then a thought came to my head that I never read a book that I wasn’t force to read for homework or read over to prepare for a chapter quiz or test. So I asked my teacher if I could borrow the book for a few weeks which she allow. This book was my first that I didn’t have to stress over about reading 50 pages for the weekend or taking chapter notes to make sure I got and understood what I was reading. This was just for me, so I could take my time, come back to it at any time and I don’t have to rush through pages in order to fulfill an assignment. This was the first book I truly enjoy reading and made me realize the importance of reading as a whole and how it effects my academic future.
Reading was really never boring to me. Due to the fact I had some really entertaining English teachers over the years. When the teacher would read or play the tape of the book and we had to follow along that wasn’t a problem for me, that in fact made the books more enjoyable and fun to listen to. I Especially notice that when my English teacher for 7th grade Mrs. Matthew would change her voice to match the character, setting or the scene we’re at in the book. I can’t remember any exact lines she said but all I remember back then that it was pretty hilarious. Listening to her voice going from low pitch too high, her accent and way of speaking changes to the time period and setting of whatever the book was in, made
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It helps me understand other books I read instead of complaining and rushing through them so I can do other things. Also show me books can connect with your emotions and relate to you in many ways. Paul Langan The Gun was the first I truly read by myself, the first I truly understood and the first I truly

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