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  • Personal Experience: A Career As A Registered Nurse

    I graduated as a registered nurse (RN) in the year 2002. I started my career as a clinical instructor/nursing tutor at a school of nursing. I was in charge of the second year diploma nursing students. I supervised the students during their clinical postings at the hospital. My job responsibilities as a clinical instructor were as follows; overall supervision of students in the clinical settings, participation in doctor`s rounds with the students, assessing the student`s care plan, assisting them in attaining the expected outcomes, and evaluating and grading the nursing procedures. I supervised the students during their community health nursing practicum course, during which the students conducted health assessments, health education, assisted…

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  • Indoor Environment For Infants

    The indoor environment of a home corner may be a little difficult for infants however toddlers and up love to role play and it is a big interest area in our service. Our children love to imitate what they see their parents do such as cooking, cleaning, changing nappies on babies, and even remember when they go to the doctor and using a pretend stethoscope. The indoor craft area is for all ages, infants just need to be more supervised than the older children as they are more prone to choking and…

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  • The Importance Of Formative Supervision In Higher Education

    a regular role for lecturers at higher education institutions. The main aim of the thesis at the undergraduate level is to give students basic knowledge about the research process (Meeus, van Looy and Libotton 2004). According to Grant (2003) scientific supervision differs from other forms of teaching and learning in higher education in its peculiarly intense and negotiated character, as well as in its requirements for a blend of pedagogical and personal relationship skills. Therefore, it is…

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  • Explain The Principles Of Supervisors In Health And Social Care

    With this in mind it is of vital importance that staff are supervised, performances monitored in order to ensure that policies and procedures are being adhered to and followed along with ensuring that the protection of vulnerable individuals are being protected. Within my supervisions with staff we will explore and safeguarding concerns, discuss policy updates and at times review policies to keep staff up to date with current policies and working practices. We will also discuss “wider…

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  • The Importance Of Learning With A Teacher

    nothing but the shape of the spoon.” (Forster, 2016) This quote states that learning with a teacher may not be beneficial in the long term. In our society learning is always based on what a teacher teaches us. We don’t learn anything exactly what should be learned, but the things that a teacher wants us to learn. Everything is prepared beforehand by the teachers and the students accept that without any efforts made. The trend about learning with a guide has been going on for generations to…

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  • How To Write An Essay About My First Clinical Experience

    clinical site. On my first day of clinical I was introduced to the technologists by our instructor, Velma Pena, then I was shown the equipment in the various rooms. However, after that I was pretty much thrown into the deep end of the pool. The first day was spent learning what to do as I either observed, assisted, or performed the task at hand. For me the hands on experience was a wonderful way to learn and gave me the opportunity to apply the skills that I had learned in lab. 2. Describe how…

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  • Embrace Technology In The Classroom: An Analysis

    involved, which makes school administrators some what reluctant to fully include technology, such as iPads, as a permanent aspect of learning. Yes, technology can be a distraction in the classroom, but if the users are well educated on how to appropriately use technology, it can have a very beneficial outcome. Technology can be used to quickly find resources and help students work at their own pace and become more independent workers. Jeana Lee Tahnk, author of Why We Need To Embrace Technology…

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  • Mt Lion Elementary Classroom Observation

    A full-day in a kindergarten classroom includes breakfast, a morning and afternoon snack, and lunch for each student. The teachers provided the students with a variety of engaging learning experiences and hands-on materials. Those materials included books, writing materials, math-related games and manipulatives, art materials, props for dramatic play, and blocks. Students use computers within the class. It was described to me that the materials are chosen for how well they support the overall…

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  • Forest School (FS)

    outdoor woodland learning environment. Wales and localities in England took up Forest School in the year of 2000, and the main national support network for the forest school practitioners is from the Forestry Commission through the Forest Education Initiative (FEI). In 2001 Forest school Wales was form a practitioner support network. In 2002 the first national conference was held by a groups of practitioners and the definition of Forest school in the UK was: “An inspirational process that…

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  • Heutagogical Case Study

    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Teaching and learning are actions essential to achieve a goal in education. These two elements are carefully supervised to achieve a certain objectives or learning outcomes that the students will benefit and develop more of their capabilities. Thus, in order to attain the said learning outcomes the teacher and the learner itself are the one who execute different practices in education. Wherein, the teacher and the learners interact with each…

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