Heutagogical Case Study

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Chapter 1
Teaching and learning are actions essential to achieve a goal in education. These two elements are carefully supervised to achieve a certain objectives or learning outcomes that the students will benefit and develop more of their capabilities. Thus, in order to attain the said learning outcomes the teacher and the learner itself are the one who execute different practices in education. Wherein, the teacher and the learners interact with each other to make the teaching and learning process possible. Furthermore, teachers let the students to explore and discover their own capabilities in doing such activities that was given to the learners and the teacher was the one to facilitate and guide them in order to attain the organization of learning experiences. Learners considered as one of the most important role in the teaching and learning process. Wherein, the learners should have
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Students tend to have different preferences and strengths in processing the new learning. The study focuses in exploring the Heutagogical Practice of the Home Economics students in improving their self-directed learning. It will benefit the Home Economics students on how they will improve in taking the initiative in learning new things most especially with their area of specialization where skills and knowledge had been an important tool in achieving the learning outcomes. Heutagogy is an approach where the learners are highly autonomous and self-determined which the students are having such capabilities in reaching a certain goal. Meanwhile, the self-directed learning focuses on being responsible and how the learners take an iniative in learning new things. In this research we will able to find out how can the Heutagogical Practices or the self-determined learning can improve the self-directed learning of the

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