Tension Between Academic Rigor And Developmental Appropriateness

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Part I of the article “Resolving the Tension Between Academic Rigor and Developmental Appropriateness” touches on the purpose of middle schools. Middle schools were made to specifically address the needs of young adolescents, including physical, cognitive, and psychosocial. At this age, young adolescents should be learning materials that are developmentally appropriate in middle school, just before transitioning into a high-schooler. In order for educators to provide students with such, they must successfully be able to combine, yet differentiate developmental and academic instruction. The first idea in this article addresses the eight challenges that middle schools face. As identified in Turning Points, they include creating a community for learning, ensuring success for all students, and re-engaging families in the education of young adolescents. By educators balancing the curriculum in middles schools that is needed along with the intellectual and emotional needs of young adolescents, they create an environment in which students can feel that both, their academic and developmental needs are considered. Educators providing this support …show more content…
According to This We Believe, a “challenging curriculum” is exemplified through the teacher by helping students examine values, assumptions, basic principles, and alternative points of view. The teacher explains and helps the students to understand why and how things happen. An “exploratory curriculum” is known to be an attitude rather than an approach. Teachers help students to discover their abilities, talents, values, and most importantly, what they can do to benefit in their society. An “integrative curriculum” revolves around the questions students ask, rather than a predetermined body of content. Teachers are able to help students make sense of their lives and what is going on in the world around

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