The Value Of Early Childhood Education

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The Investment worth a Lifetime.

As a child I grew up a native Spanish speaker, I was not enrolled into a preschool

educational program, like many children I was not prepared to enter kindergarten. My parents

working in the fields, worked long and hard to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. My parents

although no matter how tired they were, always explained how receiving an education is

important; in order to not work in the fields as they did. Entering kindergarten I was behind,

neither was I able to speak English correctly but lacked in reading and writing. As a child, I felt

humiliated not being able to understand. Then my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Garnes partnered

with my mother, so I would come to school early to get
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In the book The World is flat by

Thomas Friedman, emphasizes the importance of a teacher’s job at any level of education,

including early childhood education. In a passage titled CQ + PQ > IQ, states the fact that being

curious and passionate is more important than intelligence. The ones who spark curiosity and

passion in children are teachers and their parents. In order to be able to get a child excited about

learning the teacher/parent themselves must love learning, and have a passion to teach their child

too. The best way to describe it, is the adult must have a piece of them go back to being a child,

in order to feel that innocence of wanting to learn everything anew again. Friedman states it this

way, “They [teachers] motivate those kids to keep trying their best for that teacher. The [kids]

are really doing it for themselves, but if they see that teacher really cares, is invested in their

learning, that child will never be turned off. That is what real learning is.” (315) In other words,

a teacher who is excited to teach and genuinely loves the students will set a blazing fire in
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We need programs that will not give up, and work hard in order to reach child

education; such as in East Yakima.

Early Childhood education teaches a toddler how to learn. So that when the child enters

kindergarten they are prepared already developing their learning structure. A structure that an

educator/parent will provide. Friedman states, “Make kids love learning is either to instill in

them sense of curiosity, by great teaching.” (314) Meaning, to insure a child to have the first

opportunity to learn to love, is by letting that curiosity grow and never let it dwindle down. To do

that as Friedman said, is by having them taught by great teachers from the start. For teaching

doesn 't stop at early childhood education, it will go on with them beyond college into life, for we

never stop being students, and at times we are even the teachers. For a toddler at the age 3-5 they

are gaining abilities to pick and choose teachers who are going to impact their lives forever, and

not be on cruise control. In order for preschool to work the teacher themselves must love

children. They must see a vision in which they know that their every movement is

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