Self-Directed Learning Model

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Knowles emphasises the importance of self-directed learning and has developed a five (5) step model to support self-directed learning. In your opinion what are the implications thereof for the application of training and development in the workplace.
• Diagnosing learning needs.
You identify training needs analysis for learners what skills are needed for delivery.
• Formulate learning needs.
Discuss the objections of the training programmes and identify properly target audience and resources.
Decide the content of the training activities and aligned with organisations’ specifics.

• Identifying learning material resources.
Identify the role players to verify the material whether is aligned with requirements of the programme not deviating
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To measure what the learner have learned and knowledge abilities
Look at the behaviour based on training received and what are change implications within the organisation.
Analyse the results of training including outcomes that have determined to the organisation as best.
1.3.1 The implication of training and development in the workplace:
• Self-directed employees represent an approach to organisational design bringing quality or problem-solving. These workers are a group that work together to perform and produce a product or service in the organisation.
• They are not only doing the work but takes responsibility of management work, their functions performed by them. They allow managers to teach, coach, develop and facilitate rather than direct and control.
• Self-directed employees have driven initiatives rather than corporate directive.
• Respect and trust exist from employees and management, if they are to take risks will openly share information and be willing to accept change.
• Employees must have the capability to manage their independence and their work.
• The employee must have access to information in order to make good decisions and achieve its
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• The employees must be structured and supervised so that appropriate groups are working together around the relevant work processes.
• The Plant Manager must provide plentiful information to the employees and encouraged them to learn from their mistakes. Spear and Mocker quoted in Merriam and Caffarella that self-directed learners must do pre-planning in learning projects and select course from which happen in their environment and tend to structure their learning projects.
• The continuous learning for learners verifies the outcomes of authenticity control on decisions making.
• Employees have ability to gain knowledge and access to mobility, choosing from a full range or appropriate resources.
• Employees must trust each other because not everyone within the team or within management believed that the self-directed team concept would work.
• The organisation must have a system of measuring and communicating to workers performance such that they can monitor and learn from past results, and work harder to improve those results,
• The organisation must fix an appropriate task team appraisal and reward system that will evaluate and reinforce

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