Measuring Harmful Changes

Strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care.
Measurement is critical part of testing and implementing changes, measure tell a team whether the changes they are making lead to improvement. This should not be confused with measurement. Changes do not lead to improvement, but all improvement require change. The ability to develop, test and implement changes is essential for any individual, group or organisation that wants improve continuously.
Regulatory bodies like Care Quality Commission, Health and Social care and the National Minimum Training Standards for healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England, were put in place to meet standards of quality and safety following the failure of
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These tools can be used in the measure of changes. They are Effectiveness and efficiency, Customer satisfaction, Staff satisfaction, Access / environment, Cost and benefit of the change and Waste of resources.
Effectiveness and efficiency – organisational and quality assurance, staff appraisals and staff meetings to check and balance any inadequacy cy in the organisation. Customer satisfaction can be monitor through feedback and comments – like the hospital suggestion boxes, doctors text you for feedback to know if you were well tea treated by them, but this can be objective or subjective. Changes in an organisation and staff, funding being cut, new technology, staff shift patterns, conditions of service that is staff are tired and burnt-out. The take long sick leave and others staff are made to cover and do long shifts. The benefits to the government. Per Cochran (2003), is it makes savings, while the workers may benefit either positive or negative. many healthcare organisations have made a lot of changes to their organisational structure in terms of service
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Re-organisation will take place with management. It will have strain on the management, staff shift patterns will be cut and absenteeism will become rampart. Technology is having an impact on the organisation because everything in the home are now operated by electrical remote but at time problem will arise when there is power cut. The hoist is more done manually again. This is where technology made equipment easy to operate now. Self-evaluation we do not to stress any longer because every is computerized, but this can also fail. Denise needs to add these to her

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