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Register to read the introduction… It also keeps a record of any problems and action that may need to be taken. Also that we need to record if there are any kind of factors that will affect the service user. This also has a purpose to make sure we are accurate in whatever we write down, and anything that happens should be noted down as soon as an even has happened. It needs to be dated, timed and signed. Provide clear evidence of the care planned, decisions made, care delivered and information shared. Everything needs to be written clearly so that black text cannot be …show more content…
Work places try to create an environment which enables staff to raise whatever concerns they have. Staff are assured if they raise a genuine concerns under this policy they will not be at risk of punitive action being taken against them. However this doesn’t not cover people who maliciously raise an issue that they know not to be true. An employee can make a disclosure based on the following: A criminal offence, breach of legal obligation, miscarriage of justice, danger to the health and safety of an individual, damage to the environment, fraud or corruption, or trying to cover up any of the previous. This policy does not apply to someone with personal grievances, or even bullying/harassment.
Bvi – Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided.
There are many things that I do as a care assistant to contribute to the overall delivery of the service provided, for example I provide the best possible care I can give to the service user and I always make sure I communicate with them effectively just to make them feel safe. I am involved in their day to day activities and personal needs. I may sometimes write in their care plan and read and sign their care plans. As an apprentice I will work with my mentor to make sure that I can provide the correct and safest care possible for individual service users.
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A- Care Quality Commission and General Social Care Council.
Describe the role of the two representative bodies that you have identified.
General Social Care council- This is the social care workforce regulator for England. It works to improve the quality of social services for the benefit of people who use services though regulations of the work force and through its contributions to social work education.
It has 3 main functions: It issues and distributes codes of practice for social care workers and their employers, it maintains the register of social care workers and it regulates social work education and training. Care Quality commissions- This makes sure hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries and other care services in England provide people with safe, compassionate, effective and high quality of care, and encourages these services to make improvements.
It does this by inspecting the services and publishing the results on its website to help you make a better decision about the care you

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