Performance Analysis Summary: Overpaid By Albert Hyde And Eric Zeemering

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Salary is a very important aspect of employment and can rely on the current market to determine what exactly that number will be. Furthermore, a salary survey assesses what businesses offer what wages and benefits and uses the information to make sure its employees are being treated objectively. In an article written by Albert Hyde and Eric Zeemering titled “Overpaid? Public Service Delivery and City Manager Compensation in California” they stated that making sure community region wages and compensation are equal with private region was also known as “comparability principle”. This goes to show that a salary survey is very important to a company so that they can make sure their employees are not being treated unjustly. If they are, not only are they going to leave the organization, but also the company will probably have a low …show more content…
In doing performance analysis’ it is important to make sure all employees are thoroughly developed in their respective positions. You cannot expect someone to succeed without the proper tools and training, it’s like the old saying “you have to crawl before you can walk”. An organization will not be able to stay on track with their organizational goals without their employees being on the right track. As stated earlier in my analysis papers there are three-appraisal categorizations trait, behavioral, a results based. Trait is character-centered appraisals, behavioral evaluations are the social standard that each employee should uphold and, results-based rely on the accomplishments that were made. One performance appraisal that I believe would be beneficial to all organization would be behavioral evaluation. This is my belief because it is very important for the over all moral of the company for all employees to exhibit appropriate behavior to employees alike as well as

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