Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study: Walt Disney Company

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Walt Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study
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Walt Disney Employee Engagement Survey Case Study
Walt Disney is a company leading the entertainment industry. The Company has a long history of inspiring kids to dream while providing excellent customer service. Walt Disney has grown to 40 different countries and employing 156k employees worldwide. (Xufangfang, 2012) The Walt Disney Company, with its variety of diversified business and distinctive brand, is the world’s leader in high-quality family entertainment. What makes Walt Disney so successful and magical? Some would say the characters, rides, shows, and even the cleanliness of the park? What makes each moment and experience at Disney feel magical?
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Performance can be increased in employees by using the formula: Performance = Ability X Motivation X Resources (Lussier, 2013, p.239-241) The Disney organization has a high group of high performers and this is reflected by the investment the company vest in their people. Disney success is demonstrated by the charismatic leaders empowering their people to make decisions and in return enhances the customer’s experience at the Disney theme parks. It is a win –win situation for the organization and the employee when both parties are being fulfilled in their jobs. The Disney organization has a positive work environment when the leaders are energetic, trust worthy, and appreciate the role of the staff. The company demonstrates a culture of high expectations from their …show more content…
Disney organization also provides growth opportunities internally which encourages an increase in performance too. Disney Company has to be evolving and always improving with innovators. Their employees are faced with constant change to be a part of the cutting edge of innovators of Disney. The Disney staff is faced with conflict and constant change in the Disney Company. However, the current methods are challenged to improve the processes to enhance creativity for improving customer satisfaction. The leaders support the staff by empowering the staff to make decisions. By doing so, Disney in returns increases the employee morale and satisfaction. Disney leaders also create and demonstrate a trust in their employees. This also encourages an open door policy between the staff and the leaders. The employee survey enforces the trust and commitment. Disney staff demonstrates to provide the best customer service for the Disney

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