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Visit a service sector organization of your choice and observe the service staff doing their work. Comment briefly on the processes involved in a specific role and evaluate critically (with the aid of relevant theories) how different aspects of the job are likely to impact on the job satisfaction and performance of the worker or workers involved.

“A service is an action or an activity which can be offered by a party to another party, which is basically intangible and cannot affect any ownership. Service may be related to a tangible product or intangible product.” (Philip Kotler, 1997). The service sector that I chose is a salon based in Cardiff, Oh La La Beauty Salon, and this essay
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The general picture in the salon was of good levels of job satisfaction among the employees. Two of the employees were older than 50 years, with greater experience and were more satisfied with the pay, working condition, and environment. The biggest challenge which the organization is facing is to retain talented employees and in such an industry where it’s all about customer service and the talent of the employee is one of the most important asset of the company it is beneficial to have a low employee turnover rate which can be achieved through high levels of satisfaction (Kemal et al., 2002). Two factor theory has classified the work dimensions as Motivators like achievement, recognition, growth possibilities, career advancement, level of responsibility, the job itself and Hygiene factors like company policy and administration, supervision, interpersonal relations, salary, status, job security, personal life, working conditions. According to Hertzberg, you could not improve job satisfaction by improving any of the hygiene factors but only by improving the motivators.(Hertzberg, 1959) This was in contrast to the traditional factors wherein you could increase salary, supervision, or improve company policy and that would increase job satisfaction (Westover 2011). Also, the theory lacks in the understanding of the inter-relations between some of the motivators. For example, …show more content…
The various tasks performed on a daily basis contribute to job performance in general. From a supervisor’s perspective, outcomes are the key elements of job performance appraisal. After all, at the end of the day results are more important to an employer than the activities leading to those results (Cardy 2004).

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