Value Chain Analysis Of Disney

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Based on Value chain framework analysis involves the organization series of function including the primary and supportive activities. It involves in identifying the value by maximizing the customer.
Supporting activities of Disney’s were administrative and financing infrastructure the strategy of this division is to communicate between the movie makers and the product designers. Providing rights to different countries to allow and sell of toys. R&D office and firm to design and manufacture unique products Human Resource Management is responsible for talent acquisition who know the art of international trades and policy, providing training such as synergy boot camp and staff planning
The function of primary activities includes a series of process
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The overall value of the company is $179.5 billion dollars since it's operating globally its strategy is to maximum profits in media network, parks, and resorts, consumer goods, studio and entertainment and interactive media. The uniqueness in the movie character also in the consumer goods providing the best customer service. This uniqueness is one of the factors to position themselves in the competitive market.strong base and long-term experience huge diversification lack of imitability one of the factor to retain the customer and to acquire the new customer.the organization having Five business segments, five resort around the globe, 180,000 employees synergy in the organization kept up to a certain extent to come up with new ideas to provide the best client satisfaction
Based on SWOT analysis the major strength such as Strong product portfolio by merging and acquisition with ABC television network and cable networks such as ESPN, which is the solid growth in cable television to occupy the superior business position. Strong brand image due to the worldwide presence of its channel, resorts, and studio. The high rate of diversifying the business risk generating their income using different business model and diverse operations. Localization of products based on the customer
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Critical comments and strategy development
1. Portfolio including broadcast television network ABC and cable networks such as Disney Channel or ESPN, which is one of the most viewed audiences in the world. Occupied significant number of the audience by reaching the cable networks, maintaining the strong growth in cable television, Disney’s product portfolio provides a gamesmanship for the company over its competitors. Strong brand reputation since the life of the company is more than 90 years widely recognized around the globe by its resort park, movies, and studio
2. Five different segments of the company are operated online and offline, in many different investments and are generating their revenue using different business models. Due to such qualitative diverse operations, Disney is less affected by changes in the external environment than its competitors

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