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Almost everybody has been to an amusement park in their life these days. It might be a small one or a big one. Amusement parks are in all different kinds of themes, for example, fairy tales or animations. Every amusement park is set up different with structure or has different plans for the future.
The organisation that will be talked about in this report is Euro Disney S.C.A. The aim of this assignment is to make a link between the theory, which was learned in this module, and Disneyland itself.
This report is written to get more insight information about Euro Disney. Not only that, but also to know what a company structure can look like, how a legal form is set up and what is used for that and what needs to be kept in account when having
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2. Legal form
In France are different kinds of legal forms and Euro Disney fits under one of them.
The 5 legal forms France has are Société Anonyme (SA), Société a Responsabilité Limitée (SARL), Société en nom Collectif (SNC), Société en Commandite par Actions (SCA) and Société en Commandite Simple (SCS) (Mesnooh, 1994).
With those 5 legal forms it is really easy to pick the one that counts for Euro Disney because their name is Euro Disney S.C.A.
So that means that the legal form of Euro Disney is the Société en Commandite par Actions, this is a public company. That means that the organisation sells shares to everybody that wants them (Mesnooh, 1994). Under the French law it means that the manager is responsible to manage the company always in the company’s best interest (Euro Disney S.C.A., 2002)
A Société en Commandite par Actions is in English a limited partnership with shares. To be seen as a S.C.A., an organisation must have the following characteristics:
 The organisation must stay ‘alive’, whatever happens to the owner
 There needs to be a central management
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Mission and vision, ambitions, plans, and strategy
Marcus and Van Dam (2007) describe a strategy as a plan that tells the organisation what to do in order to achieve their goals, a vision is a statement over what the organisation wants to achieve in the future and a mission is a description over the product the organisation has. Over the years, Euro Disney has had a couple of different visions, ambitions, plans and strategies.
In 2001, Euro Disney had a couple of different visions. They wanted to give young people a chance to attend a training programme where they can earn a qualification to work in the Tourism Industry. Another mission they had was that they set up a new agreement, the Adapted Collective Bargaining Agreement. This means that the cast (employees) will benefit collectively from everything Euro Disney does. The third one is that Euro Disney has been employing inhabitants from the region, four-fifths or the employees comes out of the region. Furthermore they are playing a role in the development of Val d’Europe, this is a project where they want to have the Parisian region as one of the biggest economic centres, Euro Disney plays an important role in this. (Euro Disney,

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