Descriptive Essay About Disneyland

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The Place Where You Never Grow Up

Imagine traveling to a place that could sweep away the outside world, and instantly bring forth the feeling of nostalgia. Suppose you could walk into a whole new dimension , flooded with youth and merriment for people of all ages. All of this fantasy can be experienced at the Walt Disney World Resort. Though it may sound childish, Walt Disney World has been enjoyed by millions of people, adults and children alike for more than fifty years. With respect to its back-story, parks, entertainment, and overall experience, Disney World is more than just a playground for kids.

The idea for the first Disney theme park came about in the 1950s. Walt Disney stated:

The idea for Disneyland came
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The level of detail Disney puts into every aspect of its presentation is unlike anything seen in other theme parks. The park 's designers, or Imagineers, make an environment that appeals to all of our senses. Carson particularly takes note of the music that plays in the parks. He states "Once inside, the ‘‘guest’’ continues to be bombarded by innumerable musical events that simultaneously refer to earlier Disney experiences and create new ones" (229). The constant area music in each part of the park helps guests to feel more involved in the stories they are walking through. In addition, when walking down Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom, guests may smell the aroma of cookies in the bakery or popcorn. Carson also comments on the park 's visual appeal by stating "Disney ensures that what visitors see of that land is what they would want to see on an actual vacation there" (232). The level of detail proves how Disney strives to create an enjoyable experience for all ages, and is beyond what children can comprehend. Children think that they are at a massive amusement park with rides based off of their favorite movies. On the other hand, adults are able to appreciate and take notice of all of the …show more content…
She explains "we are living Walt 's vision each time we visit; each year is a special experience of creating new memories, and taking time out of our busy schedules to re-bond with each other" (DiScala). In other words, a Disney vacation isn 't simply just about the attractions or entertainment. It is about spending quality time on the attractions with the people we care about. After looking at what Walt Disney had to offer to the world through his creation of Disney World, we can see why it is timeless. Though the attractions stay the same, as Andrew O 'Hagan puts it Disney is a "resort that both creates memories and indulges them" (83). It is a place where adults and children alike never have to grow up, and make memories together that will last a

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