Walt Disney's Amusement Parks

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Walt Disney had a vision. He imagined an amusement park where children and their parents could enjoy rides and have fun together. But, when he was in an amusement park in the early twentieth century, he noticed that there were only random assortments of roller coasters, and how sanitation wasn't the greatest importance. Walt wanted a place where children and families could have fun together in a clean, orderly and fun way, and at an affordable price. He knew exactly what he wanted, and it would be called Disneyland. To get ideas and inspiration for his new park, Walt, traveled the United States looking for inspiring buildings, animals, architecture, and pretty much anything he could find that could make his park and rides a more exhilarating …show more content…
After all his hard work it would all pay off and he would get to see the enjoyment on the faces of all the guest. However, when the gates opened to Disneyland it was a catastrophe. All 14,000 tickets sold were counterfeited and turned into 28,000 tickets, and there was barely enough space for everyone to fit in the park. Alongside that, plumbers went on strike and water fountains were not working, and it was an incredibly hot day. Yet, even though all of that was bad, the worse part was that it was all being broadcasted live on national television. In the following 15 days, a gigantic heat wave passed through all of Southern California almost wiping out the entire park. Even though things got off to a rocky start things eventually picked up again. In the process of promoting Disneyland around the country Walt realized that television was becoming a popular thing for the kids. He realized, there's no better way to promote Disneyland then through the television, we're all the children could see how truly wonderful the magic of Disneyland is. That's when the Mickey Mouse Club TV show started. Soon after the premiere of the show, children were begging and convincing there parents to take them to Disneyland. Within just the first 6 months of Disneyland being opened 1 million guests had visited Disneyland, and just 10 years after, in 1965, over 50 million people had entered through the gates of Disneyland. Turns out Disneyland would be a success after

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