Disney's Managerial Grid Analysis

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Developed in 1964, Robert Blake and Jane Mouton created their own managerial grid that is effectively used as a tool for training managers different leadership styles that can enhance organizational efficiency. According to Covey and Ewell (2015), the managerial grid is one of the iconic theories in the study of management techniques. Blake and Mouton offer a graphic interpretation of leadership style through a managerial grid. This is sometimes referred to as the “one-best-style approach”. The grid identifies leadership styles based on a manager’s concern for people (the vertical axis) and concern for task accomplishment or production (the horizontal axis)” (58).
A visual depiction of the grid is shown as Figure 1. The grid is gauged on a
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It’s almost given that Disney holds a high concern for production, as we constantly see new additions to theme parks, films, and overall outlook. In order to focus on high productivity, it’s important for Disney to focus on their employees as well. Disney has always strived to create fun-filling jobs for their employees, who can then turn their work over to meet the needs of customers, fully fulfilling their overall experience. With this being said, it’s also certain that Disney holds a strong concern for their audience and their customers. As an organization, they truly strive to make the most out of every experience for every individual, especially the youth. To this date they have evolved the customer’s “magical experience” around twelve major theme parks. Each theme park offers a completely new experience, almost as if their customers are entering a fantasy-like “new world”. Parks such as The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom have demonstrated these characteristics. Disney has also crafted numerous cultures into their theme parks, by implementing various forms of art, music, and traditions. These implementations have had a major impact on individuals from all over the world. The atmosphere that Disney has created has been perceived to accept all races. With this effect, every customer can be fully satisfied knowing they …show more content…
How they have created a culture that encourages their employees to buy into what the organization is doing is amazing. Strong Cultures and the Managerial Grid can be applied to Disney well and this fit shows that Disney is embodying what these theories prescribe to successful organizations. Disney cannot be labeled as an ideal organization according to Weber; however, a strong argument can be made to say that is a positive for Disney as an organization in today’s society. By continuing to follow their practices Disney will continue to be an industry leader in innovation and

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