Importance Of Unity Of Direction In Organisation

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Unity of Direction in Organization
Unity of Direction is one of the important management principle in business. It is goal orientated. The top level management sets the goals in the organization and middle and low level management will try to achieve that goal with certain restrictions. All the employees in the organization work on the same motto i.e. for the successful running of the organization. There is only one goal. The employees receive the command from the top level management. They are guided by the managers where they all are led by the same command from a single manager.
If there are multiple commands from different managers, then it leads to the failure of the organization as the employees tend to divert in different directions. The employees tend to be very focused and work with discipline. The employees are guided by a leader. The leader always tries to motivate the employees and then inspire them in many
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It should flow through the work flow with managers. The obstacles must be neglected by the managers in order to achieve their goals and encouragement must be shown by leader on subordinates for better outcome. Priority is given to general decision rather than the individual decision in team because it is more important for managers to choose the best outcome for the better future. Employers should be paid for the work or service equally depend up on their work because it makes impact on the work force. If they are not satisfied it leads to failure of the goals and loose the talented persons from the organization. In fact, Organization should give more benefits to their employees depend up on their hard work and effort. The work authority or principals of the organization should be kept in the top level management people only otherwise it leads to miss usage of the authority to make their decisions in the organization. It leads to impatience, improper decisions, centralization of

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