Crisis Management Essay

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This is a case of crisis of deception where the management is at fault. The first aim of the CEO in such a case would be to contain the crisis and control the damage so as to limit the threats to reputation, finance and safety etc. for the survival of the company. People have to work diligently so that the crisis is put to an end as soon as possible in order to limit the negative publicity to the organisation.
Some of the measures to be taken to handle a crisis are:
1. Lead from the front: - Take complete charge of the situation with confidence and steadiness.
2. Full control over employees: - managers should have full attention to what is happening around and must pay attention that no issue goes unresolved to ensure smooth functioning.
3. At the time of crisis, ask the employees to not panic: - employees should be encouraged to work with courage and determination and should be enabled to work as a single unit. It is the duty of a leader to provide a sense of direction to the employees at such times.
4. Interact with the employees: - The employees should feel that there is someone for them. Interacting with them gives them a sense of security and confidence.
5. Planning: - quick decisions have to be made during such situations and the employees have to be kept well informed.
6. Business continuity plan:
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Handling social media during crisis: - the speed with which the information can be spread is increased by social media. The viral effect of social media makes managing a crisis more difficult. Real time information regarding the effect of the crisis on the sentiments of the stakeholder and such other issues that are of most concern to them can be obtained by the crisis management teams. A planned approach should be made by the organisations to release information to media. As media plays a very important role during the crisis, a proper statement regarding the company’s situation should be released to minimize the damage to the company’s

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