Persuasive Essay On Gender Discrimination

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During the early years in America women did not have the same right and the privileges as men.
Women were given , the role to stay at home to take care of the children and tending to domestic affairs.This changed when Congress passed the constitutional amendment allowing women to vote. Though the amendment failed In 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was submitted by congress. The ERA banned sex discrimination , but women are still struggling to receive equality till this day . The United States is known for a place of opportunity when it comes to those who are willing to work and get the job done. However, when it comes to a certain group like Women America seems to fail on this. Women are not given the same opportunity as men.
Especially when
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Furthermore , Brad Karsh the president of Chicago­based JB Training Solutions , is a company that works with their employees to improve their business skills. Karash said in order to have a healthy workplace “ Managers act responsibly in leadership roles and offer employees the necessary skill training and an environment to do a good job “( Lisa Finn) . Also , Karash said that “ we do not see as much as discrimination “. Clearly, in order to stop sexual harassment
, there needs to be good behavior modeling.
In 1999 a study shows all the industries and occupations in the United States have found that “ one quarter of and one half of the wage gap is due solely to differences in pay between men and women working in the same establishment and in similar jobs “ (NWLC ). Women have a
Baion Diaz 6 disadvantage when it comes to working. For instance , there are many women who work hard and put it more hours than other male employees. As well as those who have the same education and are experienced. Many women are still not getting payed the same amount as men do.
Companies or corporations should not use gender bias for paying different wages to a
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Employers need to participate in training to stop gender discrimination. Sex discrimination in the workforce has been going around for a while. There are , many are many of those who have solutions to solve this problem , but in order to stop gender discrimination employees should be educated and go through training programs.
One of the main purposes of those who those who are employed is to provide for themselves or their family. When it comes to a specific group such as men they believe they are the ones to provide for their family. Men have fallen into the idea of being the “ man “ of the house. Men are use of stereotypes which have been around and expanded very rapidly. Men will argue that women should women should not be able to work in a certain job because they are either “ weak “ or they should not be paid the same amount because they are “ soft “. This is very a common stereotype. There are some women who may not fit for the job and not qualified because they do not mean the standards for the job , but this does not mean women should be over generalized about their characteristics. Women are capable of working in the same jobs as men do. Research has shown that , “ Women now make up almost half of American workers

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